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Nikkola’s Adventures
Nikkola’s Adventures 5 minuta më parë
I love when it’s time to cut snake eggs!!!
Joe Rico
Joe Rico 14 minuta më parë
Well how much did the large snake weigh
Jose Maro
Jose Maro Orë më parë
Idiot person
Bailey Weatherford
Bailey Weatherford 3 orë më parë
i saw a 55 feet snake
Dad Caylor
Dad Caylor 4 orë më parë
Jay experienced coke and he loves it. Really loves it. Living the cocaine dreamz
Dad Caylor
Dad Caylor 4 orë më parë
It so funny all these coke heads know each other.
Lisa Goodwin
Lisa Goodwin 5 orë më parë
Why do you just open the eggs and yank the snakes out 😡
speak English with Azizbek English lessons everyday
speak English with Azizbek English lessons everyday 5 orë më parë
Русскоязычные вы здесь отзовитесь давайте залайкаем этот комент пусть думают что это что-то умное
Vahid Alavian
Vahid Alavian 5 orë më parë
you can still hear him laughing in the snakes stomach .
ryan ardiana
ryan ardiana 5 orë më parë
Keerthana Keerthana
Keerthana Keerthana 6 orë më parë
dai super v videos
Mukesh Jindal
Mukesh Jindal 8 orë më parë
You break one egg 🐗🐗 you are a pig 😡😡
Nicolas Ortega
Nicolas Ortega 8 orë më parë
Keep doing your thing Jay! We’ll keep learning from the GOAT!!!
Gary Holcomb
Gary Holcomb 10 orë më parë
These snakes are nothing more than monsters that need to be destroyed there's no doubt that they would eat a child or anyting else if they were hungry you have to be out of your mind to want something like this around
Cora Clements
Cora Clements 10 orë më parë
What do you do with the ones that are kinked, do they become food for the animals that eat snakes?
Alli Hipp
Alli Hipp 10 orë më parë
Beautiful snake!!
Landon McCabe
Landon McCabe 11 orë më parë
It's still hard to imagine a snake that beautiful being 20 feet
Joy Barnett
Joy Barnett 12 orë më parë
I am definitely afraid of snakes as a matter of fact I am terrified of lizards,roaches,bugs on the whole...but she is beautiful..can I have her skin please...need me bag&shows to wear to the Grammys
Selcuk Durgun
Selcuk Durgun 12 orë më parë
Jay u the best
Diego Arroyave
Diego Arroyave 12 orë më parë
ill be like papa rug
Brook Barbour
Brook Barbour 13 orë më parë
"Omg hes a freaaaak" "Let's take a look again, he.. omg he doesnt even have eyes" Best lines ever
Cj Osborne
Cj Osborne 14 orë më parë
Can't believe you did the ace family party. So cool
Alaina Pacheco
Alaina Pacheco 14 orë më parë
Who ever dislikes this is a true fan ! :) ;) hahahaha
D Bernier
D Bernier 14 orë më parë
Girl is either slightly autistic, stoned, or brain dead. LOL
Alaina Pacheco
Alaina Pacheco 14 orë më parë
Your job is the best your so lucky
Alaina Pacheco
Alaina Pacheco 14 orë më parë
Dont let NO ONE steal your shine or tell you , you cant smile :)
Alaina Pacheco
Alaina Pacheco 14 orë më parë
Jayyyyyy! I love you!!!!!!!########!!!!
Gontaye Williams
Gontaye Williams 14 orë më parë
She big and question how do they breed
Debbie Reynolds
Debbie Reynolds 16 orë më parë
So awesome to see them come out the eggs. After they shed and get a meal, what happens to them?
Lord DampNut
Lord DampNut 19 orë më parë
Ones super shitty and the other is slightly shitty wow
Lord DampNut
Lord DampNut 19 orë më parë
Yes you can cut the eggs open to help out the babies but you are not supposed to take them out. You wait till they've all come out on their own
kizi180 6 orë më parë
​@Lord DampNut Clearly you don't register what you are saying.
Lord DampNut
Lord DampNut 7 orë më parë
@kizi180 I never said jay was a bad breeder or snake owner. Him and Brian both pull the snakes out to early. That is something you shouldnt do. It can cause then to be weaker in the future. They need to absorb the rest of their yolk. Its completely fine to cut the eggs, after one has already pipped. You dont cut open the egg then pull the baby out.Clearly you arent going to listen so have a good day
kizi180 7 orë më parë
@Lord DampNut you say that, but compare Jay to this Brian guy.
Lord DampNut
Lord DampNut 8 orë më parë
@kizi180 I'm not saying Jay is a bad breeder, I'm saying he shouldnt take the snakes out they need to absorb the yolk first
Lord DampNut
Lord DampNut 8 orë më parë
@kizi180 like brian whatever. The guy who knowing let his snake suffer of mouth rot and breeds spider morphs. Not to mention that fact that he keeps all his "zoo" animals in too small if cages and use the rack system, which can work if use properly. Brian doesnt do that, he gives no enrichment and the containers are constantly dirty
Build Wealth Not Debt
Build Wealth Not Debt 19 orë më parë
is i bleeding
kathy young
kathy young 19 orë më parë
If you've seen as many of Jay's videos as I have, you know why he cuts eggs and it's 100% for the benefit of the baby.
Lord DampNut
Lord DampNut 19 orë më parë
Did you seriously pull snakes out of their eggs? Snakes need to stay in their eggs to absorb the yolks and then they'll come out on their own. How does a breeder not know that
Narendra R
Narendra R 19 orë më parë
I feel pity for the snake, it is so huge but doesn't have independence, and being prisoned in a small tray just like a toy.
Devin Gulyas
Devin Gulyas 19 orë më parë
Yes stress out an under weight BABY blood python that’s always good
Sharese Lawrence
Sharese Lawrence 19 orë më parë
it was 38
Sharese Lawrence
Sharese Lawrence 19 orë më parë
i think 45
Sahin Ahmed
Sahin Ahmed 19 orë më parë
what is this omg
Exclusive Jess
Exclusive Jess 19 orë më parë
The padre tick snake tho.. I knew she had 60 eggs
Exclusive Jess
Exclusive Jess 19 orë më parë
MY DREAM JOB😭😍I always wanted to do wat u do
Susan Martin
Susan Martin 20 orë më parë
For the one that’s alive but has the “kink” near the tail...will that one live and be okay?
Courtney Jordan
Courtney Jordan 17 orë më parë
As long as it can pass waste it should b just fine
MhD_Hafiz ORi
MhD_Hafiz ORi 20 orë më parë
Jason H
Jason H 20 orë më parë
Hi Jay
Dawn Kidd
Dawn Kidd 20 orë më parë
Sorry for the loss. Love your channel. I would love to play with all the snakes.
PERIMAR TV 21 orë më parë
Mellie Mechling
Mellie Mechling 21 orë më parë
I love your videos. No dramatic intro, just right into the good stuff. Keep it up and thank you very much for sharing with us all 🥰
Thalia Haley
Thalia Haley 21 orë më parë
aww so cute i had a corn snake but sadly he died a few monthes ago
Vincent Parisis
Vincent Parisis 21 orë më parë
N importe quoi
WonderTV 21 orë më parë
JAY, are they poisonous?
Lord DampNut
Lord DampNut 9 orë më parë
@WonderTV nope
WonderTV 9 orë më parë
@Lord DampNut isn't it the same thing?
Starre Labell
Starre Labell 10 orë më parë
No, they're pythons.
Lord DampNut
Lord DampNut 19 orë më parë
Snakes are not poisonous, they're venomous
thomasmaagaard 21 orë më parë
I'm not familiar with the genes and stuff so all I hear everytime he opens eggs is "Oh wooow this is a Motley Crue Didgeridoo Humpty Dumpty Scooby Doo!"
Bea Butcher
Bea Butcher 21 orë më parë
thomasmaagaard 🤣🤣🤣😂
caden Townsend
caden Townsend 21 orë më parë
What's up
Moto's Danger Zone!
Moto's Danger Zone! 21 orë më parë
Nice beautiful
Roberson De
Roberson De 22 orë më parë
Thanks bro for sharing with us your experience on snakes.i appreciate the great job you do to teach and learn people to respect and protect animals because they are also part of the environment we are living.i just wake up from my bed eating my breakfast drinking my coffee to live my dream again.keep it up like this bro.peace and be smart.
VC シ MEGMA 22 orë më parë
Sapphira's mama
Sapphira's mama 22 orë më parë
For anyone saying let the babies come out themselves, if you look at the fluid that is with them, some of them are starting to go yuck. When the inside of the egg starts to go rotten, it can lead to infection in the baby, so this is why he is pulling those babies that are ready. So here are 3 reasons to why he cuts the eggs and pulls the babies out slightly to check them and put them in a bucket when ready (to avoid infections from the rotting egg)
pikachu luck
pikachu luck 22 orë më parë
Hi people hope you have a good day merry Christmas
anouf Rasheed
anouf Rasheed 22 orë më parë
Love your video and I wish I could visiting the zoo
Heidi 2000 Magic
Heidi 2000 Magic 22 orë më parë
JayPrehistoricPets:Chillin with over 1m subs Me:351 subs😞
Dominick Vasquez
Dominick Vasquez 11 orë më parë
Me at 1😭😭😭
YeaNoGuap 19 orë më parë
Me at 79 😔
Александр Стребков
Александр Стребков 22 orë më parë
☺ вы продаёте маленьких змей
SK_ Toxxic_Spek
SK_ Toxxic_Spek 22 orë më parë
Devine Reptiles
Devine Reptiles 22 orë më parë
Beautiful snakes!!! Loving the dream! One day I’ll be on your level
Александр Стребков
Александр Стребков 22 orë më parë
Здравствуйте меня зовут Саша вы продаётся змей
Kumar C
Kumar C 22 orë më parë
TennesseeFunOnline n
TennesseeFunOnline n 22 orë më parë
I'm glad you showed one of the benefits of opening Eggs.
Philly Angel
Philly Angel 22 orë më parë
Woah you are so early
Philly Angel
Philly Angel 22 orë më parë
So egg and you said sun fireso cool i think you said it and i think mom snake is so big because she have alot kid
Jamey Bandian
Jamey Bandian 22 orë më parë
jeevan singh
jeevan singh 23 orë më parë
Love from india
Supreme 1
Supreme 1 23 orë më parë
Jay I’ve been binge watching your videos love how you treat the reptiles man they know you love them you’re such a good guy !
Radisa Djuric
Radisa Djuric 23 orë më parë
Kako se ne plasite njih
Pasar Kemis
Pasar Kemis 23 orë më parë
Aku Ra Reti BHS mu
Out Look
Out Look Ditë më parë
Lucy - Aka Olivia
Lucy - Aka Olivia Ditë më parë
What impressed me the most was the reflection of the guy holding the camera wearing a mask, well done all of you for keeping safety standards up. Ps. That snake is stunning!