Pied Snake Takes a Chance on Jay

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8 muaj më parë

Gotta love a fiesty pied especially when she's protecting a clutch of beautiful eggs! Watch to see if she gets Jay in the end.
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Alli Hipp
Alli Hipp 11 orë më parë
Beautiful snake!!
JenJenAnimal&MusicLver 3 ditë më parë
Michael Bodenlenz
Michael Bodenlenz 7 ditë më parë
I counted 9 strikes, where she reached "far". I had to make a list...
ganga rao
ganga rao 8 ditë më parë
Please show us the anaconda
Irish Eyes
Irish Eyes 26 ditë më parë
She is a beautiful young lady...
Jonathan Oviedo
Jonathan Oviedo Muaj më parë
Aww it is so cuteee
Jesusa Burce
Jesusa Burce Muaj më parë
Ofw watching from hongkong
Hazel 2 muaj më parë
Now that was a gorgeous momma!💚 Please if possible, show her to us at some point! If she's not to feisty, to take out. 😁
bizmarck kardenas
bizmarck kardenas 3 muaj më parë
good job
Мартин Морозов
Мартин Морозов 4 muaj më parë
Было эффектно.😅😅😅😎
Lisa Motley
Lisa Motley 5 muaj më parë
Beautiful snake and can’t wait to see the results! Absolutely love the stunning animals at the Zoo!!
thatpersonoverthere 666
thatpersonoverthere 666 5 muaj më parë
Beautiful snake, thank you for explaining why you take the eggs
Fari M
Fari M 5 muaj më parë
The Eggs only 1% will survive in the wild, except in Florida where their population explodes.
Lisanay506 5 muaj më parë
Educate yourself with me
Educate yourself with me 5 muaj më parë
Educate yourself with me
Educate yourself with me 5 muaj më parë
Educate yourself with me
Educate yourself with me 5 muaj më parë
I am the brave one ☝️ here OK U SHOULD KNOW
Educate yourself with me
Educate yourself with me 5 muaj më parë
Oh that snake is not scary
Educate yourself with me
Educate yourself with me 5 muaj më parë
Oh wow 😳 everyone is their
Kyla Mccarthy
Kyla Mccarthy 5 muaj më parë
How often do you feed the snakes?
57menjr 6 muaj më parë
coat love it
Tami Konow
Tami Konow 6 muaj më parë
That is a beautiful snake. She is one of my favorites.
Anita Sanford
Anita Sanford 6 muaj më parë
People in the back ground needs to be I little bit respectful and shut the hell up so you can be heard. I would like to hear you anyway.
Mich 6 muaj më parë
Luke Osborne
Luke Osborne 6 muaj më parë
34 eggs
Radine Ladson
Radine Ladson 7 muaj më parë
Hey hey im a python owner...6 to be exact all balls and one turtle...i want to get a retic soon but i need that education and experience....im in charleston sc and if im not mistaking your in Myrtle Beach right??? U want my two kids and i to visit you establishment....where is it located and can you give me information...also im a new subbie
النجفي النجفي
النجفي النجفي 7 muaj më parë
احسنت يابطل 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Teal Kucura
Teal Kucura 7 muaj më parë
When you record you need to tell the guests to keep quiet. It’s VERY distracting all the kids chattering
kylee Rose
kylee Rose 7 muaj më parë
Just on a marathon of watching you guys dodge snake strikes like theyre nothing. Shes beautiful.
Paxton Long
Paxton Long 7 muaj më parë
Rug rat
Chazzer 123
Chazzer 123 7 muaj më parë
Yo does that snake how mouth rot
SK Films In
SK Films In 7 muaj më parë
How to feeding baby and big pytons, what was the food show that blog
annie dumont
annie dumont 7 muaj më parë
laisse la tranquille elle couve ses oeuf
Kristin Marie
Kristin Marie 7 muaj më parë
DAMN!!! I was right on the total with 31 if the one egg wouldn't have been infertile.
Rachelle Lackey
Rachelle Lackey 7 muaj më parë
32 is better
Rachelle Lackey
Rachelle Lackey 7 muaj më parë
No 38
Rachelle Lackey
Rachelle Lackey 7 muaj më parë
Rebecca Cheeseman
Rebecca Cheeseman 7 muaj më parë
What are the names
Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse 7 muaj më parë
Hey Jay Do you remember me it's Amber Small
Denise Mcc
Denise Mcc 7 muaj më parë
She is such a beautiful color snake
Dot Connector
Dot Connector 7 muaj më parë
That’s the longest explanation for ‘reptiles don’t have an empathic sense developed like mammals. Their ‘kids’ are natural born predators’...
BrakeFace Productions
BrakeFace Productions 7 muaj më parë
Blue Line Morphs
Blue Line Morphs 7 muaj më parë
I love pieds - I work with my pied ball pythons but this snake is insane - maybe one will Make an appearance on my channel !
Jack Woods
Jack Woods 7 muaj më parë
Wow...very well elucidated.
Tammy r
Tammy r 8 muaj më parë
Is Tim married? 🙈🤣
Preethika Ruklanthi
Preethika Ruklanthi 8 muaj më parë
2020 jayprehistoricpets
Judy Gwen
Judy Gwen 8 muaj më parë
I don't know anything about this business. But it looks like a snake Factory and it looks extremely cruel to me. Can someone explain anything different?
Judy Gwen
Judy Gwen 7 muaj më parë
@Jack Woods It just looks cruel seeing them in a big confined box on a Shelf as a life. What is so glorified about that?
Jack Woods
Jack Woods 7 muaj më parë
What is a, "snake factory"? You do understand these are not being used for food? I think you are confusing these with chicken hatcheries or something. They will be hatched and, largely, given great environments where their needs are provided...often very very lovingly. Like he said, he is going to hatch a larger percentage of eggs and it will be much easier on the mom, who doesn't care once she is removed from the eggs. There is a difference you must understand: whereas agricultural animals have the worst existence known, pets generally enjoy the best, most pampered life of any creatures on the planet.
Jennifer Dumond
Jennifer Dumond 8 muaj më parë
I thought 28 then 32...had to pause video to mention lol great minds think alike! 😁 k back to video lets see how many eggs there are!
Babyface Finster
Babyface Finster 8 muaj më parë
Insane! He's hard down raising and breeding a reptile species animal control agencies are hard down trying to eradicate.
Bitchh ;P
Bitchh ;P 8 muaj më parë
Red Knoxx where are they trying to eradicate them? I think your talking about the Bernese pythons invading Florida? These are reticulated pythons which are yet to be invasive in the US as far as I’m aware.
unknown user
unknown user 8 muaj më parë
I want to meet this guy. Such an inspiration.
Rosana Bode
Rosana Bode 8 muaj më parë
Audio en español por favor... 😍
1softkiss 8 muaj më parë
Dang Jay that is one gorgeous Pied female ~! Love her colors and patterns but those colors are magnificent !~! Love snakes with some attitude :o)
Shailaja Nayak
Shailaja Nayak 8 muaj më parë
Nice videos.
jesse k
jesse k 8 muaj më parë
finally. a "guy almost get struck by huge snake" video that wasnt click bait.
Cheeto Cruz
Cheeto Cruz 8 muaj më parë
Should take the dud and use the shell from that to cover any nicks or rips in the good eggs it will dry right to it
Jessica Manning
Jessica Manning 8 muaj më parë
what are the names of the genetics in the female? She is SO BEAUTIFUL!! I'm trying to learn how to recognize them
Cate Patterson
Cate Patterson 4 muaj më parë
Stephen Kennedy Lol
Stephen Kennedy
Stephen Kennedy 5 muaj më parë
Genetically She is a Snake 🐍😂
michelle ridlehoover
michelle ridlehoover 8 muaj më parë
Please don’t make it to where we have to pay to see this! Don’t get me wrong I love this channel it’s just Coyote makes us pay now and that makes me sad! You are the best so keep on educating 😍😍
michelle ridlehoover
michelle ridlehoover 8 muaj më parë
Brave wilderness
nicole peck
nicole peck 8 muaj më parë
She is stunning can't wait to see the babies 33is my gess
trouble maker
trouble maker 8 muaj më parë
Too bad the audience couldn't be a little bit quiet makes it annoying to hear kids plus the snake might be calmer without the constant chatter
sandramorrison99 8 muaj më parë
Hope that egg heals!!
Tammy Mathews
Tammy Mathews 8 muaj më parë
Leave her babies alone. Smh men are always doing something.
Tammy Mathews
Tammy Mathews 8 muaj më parë
@tammy cullers ok thanks for the info
tammy cullers
tammy cullers 8 muaj më parë
Tammy Mathews it helps to ensure all the babies survive if he doesn’t do that only about 5 will survive it brings up the birth rate
CuteMilfy mama
CuteMilfy mama 8 muaj më parë
Lmao i dont know why you're saying anything, im sure you dont know nothing lol
Charisse Rae
Charisse Rae 8 muaj më parë
She is gorgeous 😘 but MAMACITA is pissed !!!
Claudia Rossen
Claudia Rossen 8 muaj më parë
She is such a stunning girl!
Tyler Hutton
Tyler Hutton 8 muaj më parë
Awesome video JayPrehistoricPets. Just found this on a different channel. alpost.info/mine/iqTXv5LIpnO1iJc/video
Declan1205 8 muaj më parë
Wow thats huge! But i will stick with my ball python, they’re more manageable.
kiyara bhogra
kiyara bhogra 8 muaj më parë
Hey! Please tell me where you are located???😭
Tragic Beauty 1981 QUEEN HONEY 007
Tragic Beauty 1981 QUEEN HONEY 007 8 muaj më parë
Sphinx Grim
Sphinx Grim 8 muaj më parë
Hey I was watching the video and something was bugging me the snakes mouth looked funny does that girl have mouth rot or is it just the color of her lips
kary ann Fontaine
kary ann Fontaine 8 muaj më parë
My guess was 30 eggs. Beautiful Mamma Snake and i hope the egg does heal. I never knew that was possible. I am looking forward to seeing her babies.
Irie Rogue
Irie Rogue 8 muaj më parë
What a gorgeous baby, she is incredible. What a good mama she is 💞
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 8 muaj më parë
Wow 🤩
Motorized Misfit - Artist
Motorized Misfit - Artist 8 muaj më parë
Just here to hopefully watch someone get tagged. 👍
Sheila Beck
Sheila Beck 8 muaj më parë
Yay I guessed 30 🎊🎉
Sherry Smith
Sherry Smith 8 muaj më parë
Can you cut a egg that there is no baby in it
Radar 3twos
Radar 3twos 8 muaj më parë
Hi, I've been watching your channel for some time now. In a prior video, you'd mentioned how each clutch of eggs are incubated or "controlled" in order to keep the survival rate much higher than those being born out in the wild. Since I'm all about educating myself and others, I'd appreciate to know the real reasoning for breeding so many "Hybrid" (different "color type") snakes. As you also mentioned, each female is capable of producing a clutch Up To 30 fertilized eggs, with most, if not all, successfully hatching, tells us your To Date number of Hybrids are quite staggering, hence the reason for my earlier question.
Satan's Trilogy
Satan's Trilogy 8 muaj më parë
I went to UPS and they told me the tracking number was not for my purchase. I believe that my item was never shipped or even existed. The tracking number given me according to UPS was completed; that item was delivered and signed for. The tracking number had nothing to do with my purchase. Ebay has removed the seller. I don't have the purchased item and doubt I ever will.
trouble maker
trouble maker 8 muaj më parë
You bought snake eggs?
RaeAnn Ames
RaeAnn Ames 8 muaj më parë
You are the best Jay
Apex 3
Apex 3 8 muaj më parë
I was there
Ivania 8 muaj më parë
She's beautiful!
DA BEARDSMEN 8 muaj më parë
I don't understand why you breed such beautiful color's with retics why not burms temperament is everything.
Calvin Garcia
Calvin Garcia 8 muaj më parë
Jay my buddy was the guy that said 32! his name is isaiah, h i really wish i could have gone also but hopefully i can go next month!
Haley Rodriguez
Haley Rodriguez 8 muaj më parë
Hi jay how are you doing I love you videos
Tessa Shutler
Tessa Shutler 8 muaj më parë
That is one beautiful momma snake!!! 😍😍😍
Keith Faulkner
Keith Faulkner 8 muaj më parë
So why is it so bad that he makes money from babies? The world runs on money, and his business isn't any different.
Keith Faulkner
Keith Faulkner 7 muaj më parë
@Sexyboi_keith there's a few of us out here. Too bad we're not all sexy!
Sexyboi_keith 7 muaj më parë
Keith Faulkner omg another Keith
Keith Faulkner
Keith Faulkner 8 muaj më parë
Hypocrites much?
jesse k
jesse k 8 muaj më parë
lol peta has literally euthanized more animals than any organization in the world.
CurisityKilledTheCat None
CurisityKilledTheCat None 8 muaj më parë
What a beautiful snakes!! Good job Jay
iBRCKsHD 8 muaj më parë
why dont you put the babies back with the mum?... i can answer that for everyone... that is because he takes them to make money off it it :)
Beverly Marlowe
Beverly Marlowe 8 muaj më parë
Mom is beautiful.
Micharl Bratlie
Micharl Bratlie 8 muaj më parë
I love all your videos I hope you have a wonderfull day today. I was wondering is there a snake that don't grow to to big that's a ibino snake?
Rodrigo Senna
Rodrigo Senna 8 muaj më parë
Algum brasileiro vendo esse vidio em 2020
Lois Jones
Lois Jones 8 muaj më parë
That is one beautiful momma!!
Bryan Suppa
Bryan Suppa 8 muaj më parë
Lol ok the time on the video says 6.54. I'm gonna geuss there's 23 eggs
Taevian's World of Reptiles!
Taevian's World of Reptiles! 8 muaj më parë
She is a stunner!!! Love the colors on that beauty
Marti Conrad
Marti Conrad 8 muaj më parë
She is beautiful Jay!
Mai Ly
Mai Ly 8 muaj më parë
Pretty mama good job Jay and tim
Lека lека
Lека lека 8 muaj më parë
Roberson De
Roberson De 8 muaj më parë
Thanks jay for teaching and educating people about snakes.learn people to protect animals it's a great experience.keep it up like this, bro. Good job.
Cindy Murten
Cindy Murten 8 muaj më parë
I love your videos. I have learned so much. I really like the pied reticulated they are so cool. Thank you for sharing.
keirra Leggins
keirra Leggins 8 muaj më parë
Jaydog1Party RE
Jaydog1Party RE 8 muaj më parë
@JayPrehistoricPets it's Jaydog. That Pied Reticulated Python is beautiful! I'm sure that she'll have some very beautiful babies!
Yowell’s Hoppin Hilltop Farm
Yowell’s Hoppin Hilltop Farm 8 muaj më parë
PANDA PIED Totally worth the wait!!!
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