These Snakes Have NO DAD! (Parthenogenesis)

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Can you believe these baby reticulated pythons have no father!? You may have watched the video after we cut the clutch, but watch as we figure it out as it's happening! There's lots of signs these babies are clones of the mother, it's up to you in the end to decide if we are right! This phenomenon is called parthenogenesis, and we talk about it a little! Enjoy!!!!
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Patrick Skebo
Patrick Skebo 13 ditë më parë
So since this litter didn’t have a father involved in fertilization, does that mean these offspring have a greater chance of doing the same thing when people bring them home as pets??
Moonlight Gacha
Moonlight Gacha 20 ditë më parë
i don't mind him pulling them out i mean what if the baby can't get out on is own will he cand help it by pulling it out it happins alot and the baby can die even thow the egg is cut
XxsolarixxX 22 ditë më parë
@-@ so we’re not gonna talk about the green goo?
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton Muaj më parë
Wow I hate snakes 🐍
Lydia Whetstone
Lydia Whetstone Muaj më parë
What happened to your arms and hands
Jilia Valera
Jilia Valera Muaj më parë
Hi jay I am a huge fan and I love you so much and I love how you say what type the snake is and I have learn a lot of types of snakes and I know like 50 snake types
Abhishek Jai
Abhishek Jai Muaj më parë
this is like the best this i hv seen in 2020
Matt Elgersma
Matt Elgersma Muaj më parë
Opening Pokémon irl lol
Pets Daily
Pets Daily Muaj më parë
I love how he rips the snake out of the egg.....
Amber Freeman
Amber Freeman Muaj më parë
Did have cut the babies
Ruth Cuevas
Ruth Cuevas Muaj më parë
Jay I love ❤️ seen you each video with those eggs 🥚 🥚 You look like a big baby boy opening presents 🎁 on Christmas 🎄. You are just adorable.
Chase Brunner
Chase Brunner Muaj më parë
JAY I Love Your Videos Thank You For Teaching Us !!! Love Learning
Laura Bell
Laura Bell Muaj më parë
Snakes can retain sperm from other males for years. So it'll be a surprise every time. Snake Discovery is where I learned this from.
Nicole Doss
Nicole Doss Muaj më parë
No dad
Baymontian Sandwich
Baymontian Sandwich Muaj më parë
I’m guessing u never heard of latex gloves. “You will remember to wash your hands before you eat anything?”- Dr. Ian Malcolm
Were Wolf
Were Wolf Muaj më parë
Thsts cool. I read snakes are a reptile known for pathogenesis. Its awesome. I have a lilly wbhite crested gecko thst laid 4 clutches of eggs all partho and only one fully developed but never made it out of the egg. So sad.
Whip's World
Whip's World Muaj më parë
Could you imagine if that were possible with human women? They wouldn't need us at all at that point so, why put up with us? We'd have gone extinct. It would be an Amazonian Paradise Islands on a world wide scale scenario!!! LOL
Thora Friganza
Thora Friganza Muaj më parë
I wish I could, though if you pay you can go and get inseminated, it feels pretty much like the same (I don't know if you can do this in US).
trevor goins
trevor goins Muaj më parë
This dudes cutting habits make me sick.
Chris Proctor
Chris Proctor Muaj më parë
how many others than myself were secretly hoping old boy in the back would decide dude was lunch ?
Gesiggie Main
Gesiggie Main Muaj më parë
So sad when the babies dont make it
Herp Panel Forums
Herp Panel Forums Muaj më parë
This is way cooler than Jurassic Park. Beautiful animals, Jay!
Che Thompson
Che Thompson Muaj më parë
Jay is just to cool. 👍🤜🤛🐍
linzi owens
linzi owens Muaj më parë
have you ever cut the snakes with the blade while opening the eggs
Tru Tecknique
Tru Tecknique Muaj më parë
welp : P guess im wrong. I want one of your new morphs : )
Tru Tecknique
Tru Tecknique Muaj më parë
Yes, it has a dad : ) Unless you got frog dna mixed with em like the movies:P
Tru Tecknique
Tru Tecknique Muaj më parë
so cool watching you create all these new morphs. I got a tiger retic from you 3-4 years ago.. such an amazing snake. love him. you do a great job.
crystal corbett
crystal corbett Muaj më parë
It’s not that they have no dad...the mother jus retained sperm from her last pairing
Kk James
Kk James Muaj më parë
Can we get an update on the Panda Pieds? I noticed it’s been about 5 months ago since they hatched.
Im wait8ng for update too
Autumn Snyder
Autumn Snyder Muaj më parë
I don’t know why I watch these because i HATE blood
GRP_FORD123 Roblox player
GRP_FORD123 Roblox player Muaj më parë
Thats sad one of the snakes died
Bob M
Bob M Muaj më parë
Cool stuff Jay!!
M Glizzy
M Glizzy Muaj më parë
Do you guys sell any of the snakes you breed ? If so where can you go to do so?
Sapphira's mama
Sapphira's mama Muaj më parë
Either on their website or at MorphMarket to get the reptiles. Look under Prehistoric Pets in MorphMarket and web name
Rexyplays GAMES
Rexyplays GAMES Muaj më parë
So many titanium's I use to have an anakonda
Rexyplays GAMES
Rexyplays GAMES Muaj më parë
Why closed I want to see you ;-;
Rexyplays GAMES
Rexyplays GAMES Muaj më parë
Aww poor snakes
Rexyplays GAMES
Rexyplays GAMES Muaj më parë
I still love them
Michelle Melville
Michelle Melville Muaj më parë
Was only talking about parthenogenesis with my partner yesterday and was in context with Jurassic Fallen Kingdom. Especially in regards to Blue who I felt sad for being the last of her kind. And then the thought of nature vs nurture of her temperament.
Daisy and Bella show
Daisy and Bella show Muaj më parë
You said there was no dad
Andrew Harmon
Andrew Harmon Muaj më parë
Didn't snake discovery upload a video before where the mom held on to sperm for like 3 years? Because they weren't all female baby snakes, and the genetics aligned with a snake they bred with a few years ago. I don't know how it's bologna😂
Jaime Schmidt
Jaime Schmidt Muaj më parë
Im very cool with egg cutting, but i feel like you really are "Baghdad butchering" those neonates. why make them leave the egg before they are really ready. Again, I understand why to cut eggs, and yes you are saving them...but I watch a ton of Snake and reptile channels and it feels like you arent doing your snakes any favors. I have seen several clutches of amazing morphs that you have created, but I guess if they were such a high value morph you would do everything to see them out of the egg. Again, watch any reptile/ snake morphs, even with egg cutting there are several that still haven't made it the rest of the way out of the egg. I guess I would think you would handle them with "kid gloves". I desperately want to see these babies develop into the amazing things you have totally created. Im guessing im not the first person to call your husbandry into question, but please please for the love of all things beautiful and amazing, please take better care of your egg cutting. Idc if you use a knife, scissor or razor blade, but please please dont kill them because you dont have the patients or searching for # of views on a particular anticipated clutch. My guy, the views will be there even if you have to wait a couple of days after cutting for them to come out on their own. with you pluing them 3/4's of the way out of the egg isnt doing them any favors, and you know that. So please, please, please dont kill your own amazing snakes because you are extremely excited. We all are when it comes to egg cutting. Your clutches are beautiful. They are amazing as the artwork a painter or sculpture. truly breathtaking!!!!! Im sorry, this is totally my opinion. You create something beautiful you hold it beautifully. just my two cents. sorry if i butchered my post, i dont have my glasses or contacts in, but i felt so strongly about this enough to take the negative comments about my grammar.
JJ DIKMAK Jr. Muaj më parë
Thora Friganza i have seen other breeders do that as well. They pull them out to check they are not strangled or twisted and put them back in. It does no harm to them.
Thora Friganza
Thora Friganza Muaj më parë
I'm wondering about this too, I have never seen any other breeder who drags the snake out from the shell, rather they seem to be careful with not toutching the snake even if they cut until the snake is out by themselfs. But maybe he has a specific reason with thos breed, I don't know.
JJ DIKMAK Jr. Muaj më parë
Why the hell do you think he is killing them? You can clearly see him pushing them back into the eggs if he pulls them out a bit. What are you on about? You know nothing about his death rates and he is more experienced than you in this. I am confused why you make so many wild assumptions and act like it is fact?
Louis tV
Louis tV Muaj më parë
Lorraine Ogden
Lorraine Ogden Muaj më parë
Don't know who's the dad
Mary Hodges
Mary Hodges Muaj më parë
Jay what did you do to your arms
Brandon Marsh
Brandon Marsh Muaj më parë
I think it's partho just seeing the ultras and supers
Keith Faulkner
Keith Faulkner Muaj më parë
Maybe it's just me, but i don't find all these unicolor white ( or dark for that matter ) snakes all that attractive. I like pattern and color.
My WorldView
My WorldView Muaj më parë
Wow!!! Has this been proven r is this your opinion?
CraftCrü Dude1203
CraftCrü Dude1203 Muaj më parë
When they are alive and well when your cutting and all that slime/Goop comes out dose it smell bad?
Greninjolo Muaj më parë
Brandon Bower
Brandon Bower Muaj më parë
That's crazy!! Life finds a way 🙂.
Jarrod Ingram
Jarrod Ingram Muaj më parë
How can it be a worlds first if its partho? Doesnt the mom just make exact copies? Commented too soon lol
Jaydog1Party RE
Jaydog1Party RE Muaj më parë
I got to learn about parthenogenesis from Jay’s Daughter Laura when I got to help her cut some Retic eggs for the first time in my life!
Abdus Abdool Satar
Abdus Abdool Satar Muaj më parë
Shelley Beres
Shelley Beres Muaj më parë
I love your videos 😍❤️ just wondering what happened to your arm ?
Rachel Potter
Rachel Potter Muaj më parë
Great video. Will those baby's be able to produce in the future.. love your channel..
Thora Friganza
Thora Friganza Muaj më parë
@Rachel Potter Just logically I'm thinking there should be a bigger risk of genetic issues as nothing takes out the mothers genes.
Rachel Potter
Rachel Potter Muaj më parë
@Michelle Melville thanks I wasnt sure I seen another video that said they might not .. thanks again
Michelle Melville
Michelle Melville Muaj më parë
No reason why they couldn’t.
John Elkins
John Elkins Muaj më parë
Move to Georgia like alot from California and New York are lol
Squirrel Kitchen
Squirrel Kitchen Muaj më parë
Snakes make me more scary! Fingers crossed bro! This is freaking me out!😧😨👍👌
Fatima 13
Fatima 13 Muaj më parë
What's wrong with your hands🥺
Cindy Murten
Cindy Murten Muaj më parë
I love your videos makes my morning cappuccino even better. I learn so much watching. Thanks.
Little t tv
Little t tv Muaj më parë
Let me in
The BizzMoneyB
The BizzMoneyB Muaj më parë
What is going on this season?! This is literally like the 6th Partho clutch I’ve seen this season!! They CAN retain sperm from previous seasons tho!
Thora Friganza
Thora Friganza Muaj më parë
This type of snake must be able to have ofspring without a father, as all were girls (so not retained sperm but asexual reproduction). Super cool, I had no idea snakes could do this. I usually watch ball python videos and they usually get slugs or retained sperm, never heard of ball pythons having babies without a dad at least. I know it's possible on some insects as example.
Edna2u Muaj më parë
Yes they can retain sperm. I know another channel (snake discovery) that retained sperm was the likely reason for an aberrant baby.
Takame Ichigaro
Takame Ichigaro Muaj më parë
Jay you're really amazinggggg
Eric Beeman
Eric Beeman Muaj më parë
Yeah covid19 a disease so horrible you have to get tested to know if you even have it a disease so horrific if youve had any cold or flu symptoms you test positive for coronavirus people will start to wake up soon enough and realise this was all a scheme to kill the economy and make people lose everything they worked hard for if it doesn't fit in to what they want in the world
Ibrahim Neerulpan
Ibrahim Neerulpan Muaj më parë
I love you so much your videos are insane
forfun212678 Muaj më parë
I belive they can hold the sperm plugs for at least 1 year. I have prof. My Pastave ( Pastel, Mojave ) ball python laid 5 egg in the 2019 season. I did not breed her when I started my 2020 season. January 1 2020 she laid 5 eggs again without breeding since 2018. Out of those 5 eggs I got 3 female and 2 males 2 super pastel Mojave, 1 pastave, 1 Mojave and one super pastel super Mojave. So it was definitely retained sperm.
Binita Jaiswal
Binita Jaiswal Muaj më parë
Good job have a nice year
Alek !
Alek ! Muaj më parë
Love u!!!!
Dawn Kidd
Dawn Kidd Muaj më parë
Thats so cool.
John DiMaggio
John DiMaggio Muaj më parë
do cobras lay eggs because i haven’t seen any videos on cobra eggs
kylee Rose
kylee Rose Muaj më parë
So neat. Sucks ya guys lost some but it happens. Looks like ya might have got tore up there on your arm jay hahaha. Have a great one guys keep living the dream.
Jason Dolphay
Jason Dolphay Muaj më parë
Partho clutch
VC シ MEGMA Muaj më parë
👌 👍
masskilla469 Muaj më parë
So this Female Mother actually Fed herself? LOL
Shawn Kyle
Shawn Kyle Muaj më parë
Cool 😎
Roberson De
Roberson De Muaj më parë
Thanks bro for sharing with us your experience on snakes.i thought it was an albino or an golden child .keep it up like this bro.peace and be smart.
Jamey Bandian
Jamey Bandian Muaj më parë
Wear a mask😷
susanna81000 Muaj më parë
Living the dream
susanna81000 Muaj më parë
Interesting information, Have a great day!
Ste King
Ste King Muaj më parë
Is the same clutch you shared 2 weeks ago or is it another partho clutch ?
Indra Taylor
Indra Taylor Muaj më parë
Good morning everybody 🙏🏿❤😍😚
Jamey Bandian
Jamey Bandian Muaj më parë
Dawn Miguel Samoza
Dawn Miguel Samoza Muaj më parë
Hi from th Philippines ♥️
Top Best Quotes
Top Best Quotes Muaj më parë
Jamey Bandian
Jamey Bandian Muaj më parë
Lainey Muaj më parë
Have you lost weight Jay? looking good
Jamey Bandian
Jamey Bandian Muaj më parë
UncoverTheNews Muaj më parë
In Jurassic Park they put DNA of a frog into the Dino DNA that can change gender
MusicPeople Muaj më parë
How would they be born then? Stranger Things in real life?:O
Courtney Jordan
Courtney Jordan Muaj më parë
Reptiles can fertilize there own eggs if no male around its how nature preserves species
Jamey Bandian
Jamey Bandian Muaj më parë
Crash_ksa-_• Muaj më parë
nooo daaad!!!
Jamey Bandian
Jamey Bandian Muaj më parë
Nooo mom
Ananya Kindo
Ananya Kindo Muaj më parë
Hiiiiiiiiii sir Good Morning!!!!!!!!
yoyay busmeon
yoyay busmeon Muaj më parë
Wow good job Jay
Jamey Bandian
Jamey Bandian Muaj më parë
Rip chadwick boneson wakanda forever
Jamey Bandian
Jamey Bandian Muaj më parë
@Barry Pacetti Jr ok
Barry Pacetti Jr
Barry Pacetti Jr Muaj më parë
Or a little over 40 years whichever comes first
OtfMaxx666 Muaj më parë
Notification GANG ‼️😈
Jamey Bandian
Jamey Bandian Muaj më parë
@OtfMaxx666 ok
OtfMaxx666 Muaj më parë
Jamey Bandian why cuz I’m black?
파충류영상 시냅스k tv
파충류영상 시냅스k tv Muaj më parë
컷팅 이해한다 근데 휘적거리거나 알에서바로꺼내서 성별검사하진말자 상업성이 굉장히 강해보이는 행동들을 하시네요 전부터 존나 실망중입니다^^
Jamey Bandian
Jamey Bandian Muaj më parë
cecil capapas
cecil capapas Muaj më parë
Jamey Bandian
Jamey Bandian Muaj më parë
cecil capapas
cecil capapas Muaj më parë
Jamey Bandian
Jamey Bandian Muaj më parë
naman Goria
naman Goria Muaj më parë
Jamey Bandian
Jamey Bandian Muaj më parë
Meridith Button
Meridith Button Muaj më parë
good job Jay!
Rexyplays GAMES
Rexyplays GAMES Muaj më parë
Jamey Bandian
Jamey Bandian Muaj më parë
Martin Games MG
Martin Games MG Muaj më parë
Justme Oz
Justme Oz Muaj më parë
@Daking Pro and how bad would it be if he is gay?
Daking Pro
Daking Pro Muaj më parë
He's a male immma hope you are a female cuz if you are Not then that's gayyy
Jamey Bandian
Jamey Bandian Muaj më parë
AnimEdit Muaj më parë
1 plss reply
Adrian’s ASMR
Adrian’s ASMR Muaj më parë
Jamey Bandian =D
Jamey Bandian
Jamey Bandian Muaj më parë
@Adrian’s ASMR well ok
Adrian’s ASMR
Adrian’s ASMR Muaj më parë
Jamey Bandian no like it means a lot to me like a big Thank U for that like seriously!! =D :)
Jamey Bandian
Jamey Bandian Muaj më parë
@Adrian’s ASMR its no big deal
Adrian’s ASMR
Adrian’s ASMR Muaj më parë
Jamey Bandian OMG OMG OMG THANK U SO SO SO MUCH LoL!! It literally means a lot to me like no kidding!!😂😁😌😃😄😃 =D :))
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