21 Foot Snake BITES Him!

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Jay often gets close with strikes from snakes, and usually dodges them with ease, but thing's didn't go as planned in this video! Hanging out with LiveLoveServe didn't go as planned when this big reticulated python attacks and bites Jay! Thankfully, she mellowed out, but not so much can be said about the alligator feeding frenzy that comes shortly after!
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Instinct Pan
Instinct Pan 17 orë më parë
Looks so much like a gaboon viper
Festa De Videos
Festa De Videos Ditë më parë
Esse cara é muito louco meu tem que ter muita coragem cê louco 🤣🤣
Anjali Singh
Anjali Singh 3 ditë më parë
Love from india
PikaPlay Zz
PikaPlay Zz 5 ditë më parë
Wow your a really risky
PikaPlay Zz
PikaPlay Zz 5 ditë më parë
Dad Caylor
Dad Caylor 6 ditë më parë
What is this guy doing off camera to have these snakes bite him all the time. I don't think he knows what he's doing. IDIOTS
Merritt Mussorgsky
Merritt Mussorgsky 9 ditë më parë
“Is there venom in it?” Really???? Smh come on, I knew colubrids, pythons and boss weren’t venomous when I was like 4 or 5! That’s like asking can you get a girl pregnant through anal sex! Lol like how ignorant can one person be smh seriously. We boast and self congratulate ourselves for living in such a time of instantaneous information but most of it turned out to be misinformation, which is dangerous it can lead to Idiocracy which is where we are now and it’s only getting worse. Thank God we have people like Jay up there they’re spreading knowledge and facts about these beautiful animals that is so very often misunderstood.
Whisper Lightly
Whisper Lightly 10 ditë më parë
What do you do with all the babies you hatch ???
Idriss Nthome
Idriss Nthome 12 ditë më parë
Has anyone noticed that there are almost 3 youtubers in this video?
꧁Karen Grunberg꧂
꧁Karen Grunberg꧂ 15 ditë më parë
I was in Oregon in August. I got to play with our relatives little boy & his friend. They were age 4 & sooooo cute, so much fun!! They wanted to watch snake videos so I pulled your channel up & they were enthralled with the mama snakes & the babies you were showing us! We watched video after video for about 90 minutes!! ❤️❤️❤️
gio957 19 ditë më parë
That thing swallowed a woman in Indonesia.
Shadow 264
Shadow 264 22 ditë më parë
Awwww~~~~ that 21 foot python is a preggers.
Charles Musgrave
Charles Musgrave 23 ditë më parë
You remind me of Ricky from Trailer Park Boys
steve_kemp70 23 ditë më parë
Is your python bigger or the same size as Brian's snake Lucy, she to is a big snake 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🦘🦘🦘🦘
Laurent P
Laurent P 24 ditë më parë
Can you please tell me how much to feed a mainland retic if you want a big snake? Is once a week good if I want a huge one???
b16jareds 24 ditë më parë
So how heavy was the snake? Had us in suspense and never said how much she weighed
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 25 ditë më parë
Oh no 🤦‍♀️
Let me Explain
Let me Explain 26 ditë më parë
You didn't end up telling us how heavy the python was??😏 😲Not sure whether I liked you teasing the Alligators though, that was disturbing🙉🙈
Jacqueline Y
Jacqueline Y 6 ditë më parë
I just watched that part I don’t think he was teasing them I think one kept eating the food so he was trying to give the other one a chance to eat!
YBM Jrhooo
YBM Jrhooo Muaj më parë
Thats the people from loveliveserv
Roberto Diaz
Roberto Diaz Muaj më parë
why is this man giving these 3 wankers the time? King stupid reckons it weighs 1000 pounds, because his puney muscles can lift a quarter of that weight............right..pv ssy!
wizzer wiser
wizzer wiser Muaj më parë
What's with the bulge near the snake's tail. Is it digesting a meal.
Austin Barrett
Austin Barrett Muaj më parë
Nobody has even mentioned LoveLiveServe
Pixie Dust
Pixie Dust Muaj më parë
I’m scared of worms but not snakes. Snakes are beautiful but then I remind myself “snakes are basically giant worms.” So idky I have no fear of snakes
zax supermie _171
zax supermie _171 Muaj më parë
Tracey Lomas
Tracey Lomas Muaj më parë
Can i ask what you feed your red tailed boa please, I re homed one as my neighbour son got kicked out and he couldn't take her with him but she was fed xl rats but i don't know if that's enough for her 🤷‍♀️
Júnior Flamengo
Júnior Flamengo Muaj më parë
Jibóia 🇧🇷🐍 ??
Lisa Tomsky
Lisa Tomsky Muaj më parë
Congrats Jay for opening up after 6 months or so, best wishes, much love ,stay safe,💚🐍💚 Mommajay 🖤😉
Red TooSwagg
Red TooSwagg Muaj më parë
Noah Boat
Bettina Folayan
Bettina Folayan Muaj më parë
xdice3x Roby frm the Bay to Memphis
xdice3x Roby frm the Bay to Memphis Muaj më parë
This Jay dude if left along with this big asss snake u will be reading about him or watching his untimely death on the news 🐍🚶
that guy
that guy Muaj më parë
Those animals are not nearly as crazy as the humans playing with them.
Stones Stones
Stones Stones 7 ditë më parë
That is the most true statement I have ever heard
david bates
david bates Muaj më parë
This guy's a tool
gorillaPANIC109 Muaj më parë
Grace Clark
Grace Clark Muaj më parë
Ouch. Glad you're ok Jay
Deborah Sanders
Deborah Sanders Muaj më parë
Id die for sure if i ran up on this. She is HUGE!!!!
Cory Cantu
Cory Cantu Muaj më parë
It obviously hadn’t digested it’s last meal, shouldn’t mess with it
longdongbongchong Muaj më parë
Those 3 guys really dress with style. Where can I get pants like that?
ps flames
ps flames Muaj më parë
There love live serve
Girl SUNDAY Muaj më parë
Darth is stepping right up! ❤❤❤❤❤
Trump My Love
Trump My Love Muaj më parë
I voted for Trump
Lloyd Robert Evans
Lloyd Robert Evans Muaj më parë
His name not Jason knows not smoking a joint is hes toxic Police even won't touch he they must be brave men they came back home found every thing own broken but perfectly fucking legal that anit
Mr. Kendrick
Mr. Kendrick Muaj më parë
Jacob Baines
Jacob Baines Muaj më parë
This guy is so dope I love watching his videos
Carla Wright
Carla Wright Muaj më parë
I know snakes are necessary, but not in captivity. Playing with fire here.
Fearoshima Hiroshima
Fearoshima Hiroshima Muaj më parë
between 180 and 200 pounds
Abdus Somad Alifah Tour
Abdus Somad Alifah Tour Muaj më parë
Hii. Mr Jay Please give me baby snack.. please one baby snack
Abdus Somad Alifah Tour
Abdus Somad Alifah Tour Muaj më parë
Hii. Mr Jay Please give me baby snack.. please one baby snack
Modest89 2 ditë më parë
You snack on babies? what the shit dude chill out
Abdus Somad Alifah Tour
Abdus Somad Alifah Tour Muaj më parë
Hii. Mr Jay Please give me baby snack.. please one baby snack
Abdus Somad Alifah Tour
Abdus Somad Alifah Tour Muaj më parë
Hii. Mr Jay Please give me baby snack.. please one baby snack
Ivan’s music and video Guy
Ivan’s music and video Guy Muaj më parë
Ayeeee lls
Patrick Guillory
Patrick Guillory Muaj më parë
I swear, thought that big snake was a gaboon viper.
Cordell 123
Cordell 123 Muaj më parë
No it’s not cool!
Cordell 123
Cordell 123 Muaj më parë
This dude needs to realize majority of people don’t think like he does! Nothing will change my mind! I will not mess with snakes!
irrelevant 7.0
irrelevant 7.0 Muaj më parë
What do you feed the big snakes! Can we see a Python or anaconda feeding video please! 🙏🙏🙏
Akashe Salandra
Akashe Salandra Muaj më parë
I'm glad to see someone showing off their red tail!
James Sejam
James Sejam Muaj më parë
God Bless you as soon as possible! -Ms Everything
Moonkitty luv
Moonkitty luv Muaj më parë
What did she eat? I am asking because it looks like she either ate a fat rabbit or a large chicken. How long does it usually take for her or most Pythons to digest their food?
Hyper_Blake Muaj më parë
Happy birthday
RepGirl Muaj më parë
These people are so lucky
Tru Tecknique
Tru Tecknique Muaj më parë
thats just a little RTB.. they scurred;P lolll
B Davis
B Davis Muaj më parë
This guy could scare the living hell out of someone if he wanted to and they were locked in his snake den with him.
LIL JESS Muaj më parë
i wish you wouldnt tease the gators to show off, just feeding them is good enough
Get Sum Chicken
Get Sum Chicken Muaj më parë
Lorilynn Teall
Lorilynn Teall Muaj më parë
You need to stop showing off and just feed the gators
Pierce Hawke
Pierce Hawke Muaj më parë
That Retic; is she gravid by any chance?
Sapphira's mama
Sapphira's mama Muaj më parë
She isn't. Just had been feed a while before and was about to go to the bathroom if you know what I mean
Josh Thompson
Josh Thompson Muaj më parë
Him:yah he got me in the first three strikes What i would be in that situation:AHHHHHHHHHH IM GANNA DIE
Мартин Морозов
Мартин Морозов Muaj më parë
JAY booGey
JAY booGey Muaj më parë
nix pix
nix pix Muaj më parë
MY BUCKET LIST #1. Go to Jay's zoo, have a private tour, pull a clutch of eggs, snuggle some snakes and feed some dinosaurs.
WastedYears Muaj më parë
The tiger king of reptiles
Raymond Jones
Raymond Jones Muaj më parë
The python king
Philly Motörhead
Philly Motörhead Muaj më parë
But wait that big ass retic bit you and u didn’t even flinch, u are the retic king
Joseph Miller
Joseph Miller Muaj më parë
Such interesting animals reptiles are
pranksters zone
pranksters zone Muaj më parë
You dont use your foot to move any animals and definitely a snake.i can't believe you are aloud to own these beautiful creatures while treating them like that.
mary d
mary d 12 ditë më parë
He's messing with these gorgeous animals like an idiot. He's poking the alligators and disturbing the snake. He is Not caring for them. It will not be an accident if they attack him.. This place has to close.
Ray Raz Reptile
Ray Raz Reptile Muaj më parë
Lmao 1000 lbs , about 180 after she takes that dump she’s all grumpy about hahaha
AmunetKV Muaj më parë
This video was a blast it made my day awesome vid Jay
zeus & the beast
zeus & the beast Muaj më parë
You should NOT tease animals for your enjoyment.
Raymond Jones
Raymond Jones Muaj më parë
@Michael Crowder yaaazzz git' em
Michael Crowder
Michael Crowder Muaj më parë
winny herfel he never got mad about being bit he was extremely calm compared to how anybody else would have been. He also wasn’t teasing these snakes or gators either they have to work to get their food in the wild so whats the fucking point in just giving it to the gators make them get some exercise it’s good for them. Do some fucking research if you don’t like it get the fuck out and go watch somebody else. Teasing would be if he played with those gators and then just didn’t give them the food. Do you even know what you’re saying? You never trained a dog before? You’re a joke lol. You must have never seen anyone get mad before most people literally kill any snake they see much less ones that bite them and this guy is literally just trying to educate the world about not being afraid of these animals but “he shouldn’t be allowed to post this kind of stuff” people like you and Zeus make me fucking sick.
winny herfel
winny herfel Muaj më parë
Agree! this guy is a joke! He shouldn’t be aloud to post this kinda stuff! To get mad at them because he got bit. The dude is taunting animals and laughing it’s just sickening!!
psycho bannana
psycho bannana Muaj më parë
Aren't those the guys from Facebook?
Greg Underwood
Greg Underwood Muaj më parë
That retic looked like it needed to take a giant poop!?
Judy B
Judy B Muaj më parë
Prime example of when living the dream literally bites! 🐍😉
Jeff Muaj më parë
Eric Beeman
Eric Beeman Muaj më parë
Hahahaha the look on them guys faces its the look of wtf are we doing here dam
Eric Beeman
Eric Beeman Muaj më parë
That's a massive snake and looks to be that its soon gonna take a crap that will choke a fukn donkey
Ahmat Yahya
Ahmat Yahya Muaj më parë
Wehhh keren nih... Salam dari indonesia🇮🇩
simon jandrell
simon jandrell Muaj më parë
Damn those Gators were Amazing! the one on the Right WOW!
ridiculous royal pythons
ridiculous royal pythons Muaj më parë
Dam, I wanted to see her go toilet on the guy at the end, she looked ready to pop
gorillaPANIC109 Muaj më parë
She’s just ridiculously overweight
john moss
john moss Muaj më parë
Why is her tail so much more girthy than her neck/body?
Michael Crowder
Michael Crowder Muaj më parë
Alberto Waynasdee definitely a female
Alberto Waynasdee
Alberto Waynasdee Muaj më parë
Just finished his dinner
ridiculous royal pythons
ridiculous royal pythons Muaj më parë
It's full of poo
andy D
andy D Muaj më parë
amazing work
ptl2007 Muaj më parë
I hope ten years from now there won't be a "Jay Exotic" documentary.
david bates
david bates Muaj më parë
Hopefully there will be no Jay......period
Tru Tecknique
Tru Tecknique Muaj më parë
Global Indigenous Lifestyle
Global Indigenous Lifestyle Muaj më parë
Jungle Song - alpost.info/mine/dbDGx4K5jZuZiWg/video
I'm a be groovin till the world stop movin
I'm a be groovin till the world stop movin Muaj më parë
That would be awesome
VC シ MEGMA Muaj më parë
jaspa430 Muaj më parë
Wow thats a big girl....gotta be 250-300lbs...is she the largest you have jay?
Samandar 1205
Samandar 1205 Muaj më parë
Dav RAF Muaj më parë
Victor Mungonge
Victor Mungonge Muaj më parë
Chembo King
Chembo King Muaj më parë
Very nice. I'm whatch video from Cuba 🇨🇺
Esther not the Egg
Esther not the Egg Muaj më parë
Omg the last vid gave me a fright, glad that youre okay
Fram phillippines watch😍
Jenkins Demosthene
Jenkins Demosthene Muaj më parë
Blessings to everyone watching this video
Hayden Stewart
Hayden Stewart 7 ditë më parë
Much appreciated , hope the same for you.
Pickles Are overrated
Pickles Are overrated 20 ditë më parë
Di Sassy Diva
Di Sassy Diva 20 ditë më parë
Thank u and the same to you
My Name
My Name Muaj më parë
God bless you 🙂
Jeff Muaj më parë
Frantz Jn Baptiste
Frantz Jn Baptiste Muaj më parë
Be careful man
Alex N
Alex N Muaj më parë
Tristanity Gaming
Tristanity Gaming Muaj më parë
I'm the second
AnimEdit Muaj më parë
Didi yle
Itzz_Graison Muaj më parë
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