Against all the Odds!!

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So often you see all theses amazing baby reticulated python clutches hatching but sometimes it’s really difficult to have success with snake breeding. Situations like this one always reminds me how many situations in life can be like this, but when you least expect it you can end up with your dream despite the horrible odds you face. Amazing snake with some crazy morphs, all combined to make a beauty!
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Kishore Anthon
Kishore Anthon 2 ditë më parë
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 8 ditë më parë
Awesome stuff
Cameron Taylor
Cameron Taylor 8 ditë më parë
why do they look like uncooked sausages
Brian Vidal
Brian Vidal 20 ditë më parë
1:02 I though that was bread 😂😂😂😂. I was like “why he have a piece of bread with the eggs 😅😂😂😂😂
Yoko119 25 ditë më parë
Elvera Bauyan
Elvera Bauyan 25 ditë më parë
Ken ay bay yor snek venom
Simphiwe Shilenge
Simphiwe Shilenge 27 ditë më parë
There were not ready 2 hatch
Simphiwe Shilenge
Simphiwe Shilenge 27 ditë më parë
Wat are these?new borns?
Morrigan And Ninetails
Morrigan And Ninetails Muaj më parë
Okay just a question- why do you pull the baby snakes out? (Not hating)
CurisityKilledTheCat None
CurisityKilledTheCat None Muaj më parë
That 1st snake looked kinked but those are beautiful!! Nice Jay, very nice!!
Kenneth Lawley
Kenneth Lawley Muaj më parë
Just got a genetic stripe yesterday got it online from prehistoric Pets can't wait for that email and that box to show up at my door
SuperNature Wee
SuperNature Wee Muaj më parë
Update videos OFTEN on this platinum titanium pied!!!
Vanshika Khale
Vanshika Khale Muaj më parë
I am sorry to say but I think he touches the snake too much right out of the egg....I guess it should sit in the egg for like 24 hours
Vanshika Khale
Vanshika Khale Muaj më parë
@The perez family7 volgs ya
The perez family7 volgs
The perez family7 volgs Muaj më parë
I was thinking that as well. I heard your not supposed to pull them out of the sack but rather let them come out on their own
Parthenogenesis Man
Parthenogenesis Man Muaj më parë
Quantum pollution brought me here.
Tj Bailey
Tj Bailey Muaj më parë
Love these videos Jay!
ReallyAngryLobster Muaj më parë
YOU NEVER PULL THE SNAKE OUT OF THE EGG EVER! Anyone watching this, this is the direct opposite of what any GOOD breeder would do. NEVER buy from any breeder who would aggressively handle a snake in the egg like this. This man has no idea what he is doing.
ReallyAngryLobster 27 ditë më parë
@Zheen Star Sorry I meant to answer this. the baby snake may not be done absorbing all of the nutrients it needs prior to hatching. Plus this can cause shock and neurological disorders. Cutting the egg is one thing your not really disturbing the hatchling as long as your gentle and careful during the cutting process. However ripping a baby aggressively from the egg before its ready can cause a whole plethora of problems in the long run. Anyone who knows anything about breeding snakes would never do this. I have also read that snakes who are ripped from the egg are more likely to have eating issues and can often die from not taking food. That first meal after its first shed is very important to its survival. Sorry for the late response.
r laze
r laze Muaj më parë
I mean i wouldnt call him a moron or what have you but i was wondering about this. Seems they are in their egg for a reason.
Zheen Star
Zheen Star Muaj më parë
ReallyAngryLobster why not ?
TheJLAMAR23 Muaj më parë
Whoa! Super unique
Bethany Outen
Bethany Outen Muaj më parë
Gray's Reptiles
Gray's Reptiles Muaj më parë
Congrats with that amazing pied out of only 3 eggs.
No Added Sugar
No Added Sugar Muaj më parë
please make this one a monster.. and name it pleaseeeeeeee...
NXYY Studio
NXYY Studio Muaj më parë
best !!!!!
Mr Taplo
Mr Taplo Muaj më parë
Those obe maybe first in the world snake morph boss...balinese want it😁
rakesh debbarma
rakesh debbarma Muaj më parë
Really love watching your videos.
Munty Valera
Munty Valera Muaj më parë
Awesome bro congrats
Usha Bellamkonda
Usha Bellamkonda Muaj më parë
యేమీ చేస్తున్నారు వీటితో
Newblood Muaj më parë
Was that 1 snake kinked? The last snake looks super cool. The spots look like gold foil
Donald Staudt
Donald Staudt Muaj më parë
Wow !!! SUPER Beautiful
Samantha Winslett
Samantha Winslett Muaj më parë
What do you mean you can't wait to see it when it's out. You pulled it
Ray Raz Reptile
Ray Raz Reptile Muaj më parë
That thing was Reticulass!! Man insane dude , what a freaking home fun grand slam on that one ! Nice dude
Qenqen Muaj më parë
Grace Degase
Grace Degase Muaj më parë
Those eggs are hugeeee
YogiSip Muaj më parë
Jay the gold spots are just beautiful!!
Mari Plays
Mari Plays Muaj më parë
Arent j supoae to leave snakes untill they hatch😥😥
Victoria Pink
Victoria Pink Muaj më parë
What do you do with the snakes whom arent deemed "smokin" as much as I love your channel and videos I think its wrong to breed animals for profit.
Dnael Raven
Dnael Raven 17 ditë më parë
@Victoria Pink what about dogs and cats....
Victoria Pink
Victoria Pink 18 ditë më parë
@Dnael Raven livestock feeds millions of people. This channel breeds snakes not to feed people but to make profit. They also breed snakes for their appearance as well so what happens to the undesirable ones?
Dnael Raven
Dnael Raven 18 ditë më parë
What about chicken, pig, cow and others.....
Victoria Pink
Victoria Pink Muaj më parë
@Fuzzy man Fish they breed hundreds possibly thousands of snakes for profit. You see no problem with that?
Fuzzy man Fish
Fuzzy man Fish Muaj më parë
Victoria Pink what dose he do
Michelle Bastin
Michelle Bastin Muaj më parë
So bloody awesome. 🥰😘
idk ?
idk ? Muaj më parë
Is this your job?Its SO COOL
ROE DIAZ Muaj më parë
The middle one is beautiful. Those are some big eggs.
MagnoliaBadger Badger
MagnoliaBadger Badger Muaj më parë
Looks like leopard print
jacob W
jacob W Muaj më parë
My favorite snake y'all have bread. The head on that snake is AMAZING!
jennifer hooker
jennifer hooker Muaj më parë
Awesome job Jay, My heart hurts for the 2nd egg. Maybe miracles can happen. Don’t forget an update.. you have been slacking on the updates. But we still love you living your and our dreams.💙🙏🏼🐍💙
Lord Winston
Lord Winston Muaj më parë
Love from LLS
Melissa Hom
Melissa Hom Muaj më parë
While you were pulling out the cool new snake I saw a perfect heart on its pattern.
Lynne Smith
Lynne Smith Muaj më parë
Love It
Love It Muaj më parë
Why so many pythons snakes are laying eggs with out a father lately I heard about a zoo python laying eggs with out a father and its been 17 years since that snake bread it!
Thora Friganza
Thora Friganza 28 ditë më parë
Maybe because that had not been bread in years so she thought there are no males. I don't know whyvhis snakes are doing that as he's breeding them, maybe it's more in this snake, I personally never hear about ball pythons as example doing this.
Starre Labell
Starre Labell Muaj më parë
The other snake channels cut eggs but they don't pull the snakes out, they allow them to come out on their own.
Vlogs_Amine birds
Vlogs_Amine birds Muaj më parë
Привет ,клаааасс посмотрите мой щеглы едят инжир 😊💝🌎🐦🐥🙋
Roberson De
Roberson De Muaj më parë
Thanks bro for sharing with us your experience on snakes.what a beautiful colorful snake .the albino ,golden child and orange are my favorites ones. Be safev.i live my dream by watching you educating people to respect and protect animals. They belong also to our society. Peace and be smart.
Byron S
Byron S Muaj më parë
Those are some big eggs
ItsBuddy Muaj më parë
Love the videos 💕
Jill Glodzik
Jill Glodzik Muaj më parë
So awesome
Patty Edmunds
Patty Edmunds Muaj më parë
So awesome !!! 🐍
Diego Echeverria
Diego Echeverria Muaj më parë
So cute
Diego Echeverria
Diego Echeverria Muaj më parë
Are they alive?
Irie Rogue
Irie Rogue Muaj më parë
Wow, those babies are some real stunners! Gorgeous, I adore retics; they're all so beautiful! 🥰
VC シ MEGMA Muaj më parë
Sakhi Hussain
Sakhi Hussain Muaj më parë
That's so beautiful
Mrs. Denise Jauernic PuppySaver For life
Mrs. Denise Jauernic PuppySaver For life Muaj më parë
Beautiful baby!
Lynn Muaj më parë
Jaydog1Party RE
Jaydog1Party RE Muaj më parë
Those are some very beautiful Retics! Maybe I can see some of those beautiful Retics when I come over sometime in the future! #LivingTheDream
AG SkyFlyer
AG SkyFlyer Muaj më parë
Plutonium? Watch out for the lybians.
Ray Metcalf
Ray Metcalf Muaj më parë
Gold camo?
Teddy Dalton
Teddy Dalton Muaj më parë
That is one of the nicest pieds I've ever seen, great distribution of pattern.
Masons Morphs
Masons Morphs Muaj më parë
Damn Jay your looking fantastic. Congrats on the pied !
Sharlene Ramkellawan
Sharlene Ramkellawan Muaj më parë
Is it harmful to open the snake eggs before they actually hatch?
Esther not the Egg
Esther not the Egg Muaj më parë
If you are referring to what they are doing in the video, He is actually saving them cause if they open up too late or dont open at all, they might die Also, he is checking if there are any kinks or tangles so that there wont be any twisted head or tails. He explained it in his earlier videos why they open up these eggs, dont worry they know what they are doing 😊😊
parnmkie Muaj më parë
not at that age no
Wolfie Bears art
Wolfie Bears art Muaj më parë
YESSSS!!!! Beautiful!
B.A.I CHANNEL Muaj më parë
Mukenye kaya bapaknya tmn gua wkwkwk
Mary Lalneihzuali
Mary Lalneihzuali Muaj më parë
Imagine if all those snakes there were all escaping and capturing them again will be a real pro's job
shaffi.e m
shaffi.e m Muaj më parë
@boostedhatch96 fr😹💔
boostedhatch96 Muaj më parë
I need away to send you a picture
B.A.I CHANNEL Muaj më parë
B.A.I CHANNEL Muaj më parë
Bagi om ulernyaa atuu ajaa ,
Nari Strmb
Nari Strmb Muaj më parë
Jeane Valerie
Jeane Valerie Muaj më parë
ruel Josol
ruel Josol Muaj më parë
Lodii Official
Lodii Official Muaj më parë
Jamey Bandian
Jamey Bandian Muaj më parë
Do people even care
BLBAdventures Muaj më parë
Another great video and 👍 from BLBADVENTURES! Full view as always to support our fellow youtubers. We hope to see you soon 👊
Jamey Bandian
Jamey Bandian Muaj më parë
Atharva Siddannavar
Atharva Siddannavar Muaj më parë
Jamey Bandian
Jamey Bandian Muaj më parë
@Briza Granadeno but i still hate you😡😡😡 go away lol
Briza Granadeno
Briza Granadeno Muaj më parë
Jamey Bandian Lol 😂 yay
Jamey Bandian
Jamey Bandian Muaj më parë
Ok you win
Briza Granadeno
Briza Granadeno Muaj më parë
Jamey Bandian Lol make me or r u getting mad again 🥺😂
Jamey Bandian
Jamey Bandian Muaj më parë
@Briza Granadeno would you shut up god🤯🤯🤯
yash vardhan singh
yash vardhan singh Muaj më parë
Jamey Bandian
Jamey Bandian Muaj më parë
@yash vardhan singh o my god
yash vardhan singh
yash vardhan singh Muaj më parë
@Jamey Bandian so ur mum didn't tell uh... Alan came just after I left
Jamey Bandian
Jamey Bandian Muaj më parë
Uncle alan😨😨😨
yash vardhan singh
yash vardhan singh Muaj më parë
@Jamey Bandian can't even remember... She was that worthless to me
Jamey Bandian
Jamey Bandian Muaj më parë
@yash vardhan singh oh yeah whats her name
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