Pulling Clutch I've Waited Years For!!

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World’s first potential again? Wow do these guys ever quit? Watch as Jay and Tim collect eggs from a protective momma reticulated python to safely incubate then until it’s time to hatch! We are living the dream here at the Reptile Zoo in Orange County and hope that you continue to pursue yours!
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Judah Ramashia
Judah Ramashia 2 muaj më parë
Do you release this breeds to the wild?
kiyachis 4 muaj më parë
at 3:00 ouchie ):
Beth Misischia
Beth Misischia 5 muaj më parë
Watching all your videos that I haven’t seen I say 41 eggs
Indra Taylor
Indra Taylor 6 muaj më parë
tik tok video's
tik tok video's 6 muaj më parë
Are you not scared
Melinda Reid
Melinda Reid 6 muaj më parë
Hi im from Australia and I have 2 questions 1.is the snake that layed from Australia or America 2.how long have you felt with reptiles
Sunny Times
Sunny Times 6 muaj më parë
Love you Jay..💓💕 💖 🐍
Deenna Austin
Deenna Austin 7 muaj më parë
i am nwe
Deenna Austin
Deenna Austin 7 muaj më parë
Do you mak slime
Lani Esguerra
Lani Esguerra 7 muaj më parë
Hey can you have a gave away a snake please 🐍🐍🐍🐍 like if you want him to gave away a snake👇👇👇
Addyson Covington
Addyson Covington 7 muaj më parë
Simon Castro
Simon Castro 7 muaj më parë
Hi i'm from the Philippines i am a fan of you and the reptilezoo
K'Lee Murray
K'Lee Murray 7 muaj më parë
I thought thare was 40
Virginia Bradford
Virginia Bradford 7 muaj më parë
Oh yeah I would really love to see one of your newest and I would like to see you make one 😊😁😊
Virginia Bradford
Virginia Bradford 7 muaj më parë
Hi I love snakes and my birthday was on March 8th and I have a corn snakeand I love seeing huge snakes and they live in Texas 😍 and and I love your videos.
Diana Salazaruijnn
Diana Salazaruijnn 7 muaj më parë
Tips for a pet green rough snake
Gabrielle Cyr
Gabrielle Cyr 7 muaj më parë
Do you name ALL the snakes
Elizabeth Fugate
Elizabeth Fugate 7 muaj më parë
Look up snake Discovery you can find out what the glue is called
Peyton Daughtrey
Peyton Daughtrey 7 muaj më parë
How many are there?💓
Meow Purr purr
Meow Purr purr 7 muaj më parë
Jays personality and that laugh is everything and love how his daughter and family are so involved too 👍
Addyson Covington
Addyson Covington 7 muaj më parë
QuintessaWolfPrincess 7 muaj më parë
This is so awesome! The mother snake seemed like she didn't mind you trying to get to her eggs. She didn't even try to bite you! Speaking of that, small question: Do you ever breed and hatch snakes that are venomous? Just curious. 😊
Alsante Autosports
Alsante Autosports 7 muaj më parë
When is your next live on instagram? Im always looking forward to your wholesome content!
Pҽɾʂιαɳ MFPɾιɳƈҽʂʂ
Pҽɾʂιαɳ MFPɾιɳƈҽʂʂ 7 muaj më parë
Have you ever had a baby with genetic defects that you thought wouldn't live actually live and for how long?
Hoàng Hôn Đà Lạt
Hoàng Hôn Đà Lạt 7 muaj më parë
FrOm tHe oTher vIds. Plz dOnt pUll lE baby ouT oF thE egG whEn deY hatCh ;-;
Reva Flores
Reva Flores 7 muaj më parë
Hey I used to live in Huntington Beach and I think I went to the prehistoric pets I first went there when I was 3 then now I’m 10 and I went again I love that place I was so happy when I saw mrs Kipling
Joe Marcon
Joe Marcon 7 muaj më parë
Please show more videos of the snakes just out of the eggs
Goahead 7 muaj më parë
I thought it was a giant pile of elephant shit. 💩
blazn469 7 muaj më parë
How big is the embryo at this point when you take the clutch from momma ?
Mirissa Chamness
Mirissa Chamness 7 muaj më parë
not to be mean but i what 1
Be Ognare
Be Ognare 7 muaj më parë
Hope you can give us an updates on the baby snakes hatched few days ago. The're si pretty shakes
Johnathan Grijalva
Johnathan Grijalva 7 muaj më parë
I saw you today
Gamer Five
Gamer Five 7 muaj më parë
Don’t pull them out of the eggs you can kill them
Nugget Playz
Nugget Playz 7 muaj më parë
You do it so they don’t sufficate
Caitlin Popovic
Caitlin Popovic 7 muaj më parë
Who else is here because of Unus Annus?
Rodney Pritchett
Rodney Pritchett 7 muaj më parë
39 eggs
Tarasus's Humvids
Tarasus's Humvids 7 muaj më parë
Hello from Mark's and Ethan's Unus Annus videos! You've got at least one new subscriber!
Moonkitty luv
Moonkitty luv 7 muaj më parë
Are you only allowed to breed pythons? How many clutches of eggs do you produce per year?
tomster70 7 muaj më parë
I've been loving what you guys have been doing with these videos. Fun to watch and see what you are able to breed in these beautiful snakes. My question is , is there really a market for all these pythons? I mean they are having python hunts in Florida because they have gotten out of control. I'm not a hater and enjoy the work you do Jay.
Evelyn Salguero
Evelyn Salguero 7 muaj më parë
This guy is so wholesome
amykaka tek
amykaka tek 7 muaj më parë
How the Egg
Pҽɾʂιαɳ MFPɾιɳƈҽʂʂ
Pҽɾʂιαɳ MFPɾιɳƈҽʂʂ 7 muaj më parë
I love snakes and I've always wanted one. What do you recommend for a first time owner? I don't want a small one like the corn snake or a large one, someone told me the ball python is a great starter snake?
clownmorgue 7 muaj më parë
Persian MFPrincess i would recommend corn snakes, kingsnakes, rosy boas, ball pythons as great beginners snakes. But always do research and if u are planning on getting one (i am to). And if u already have one, what do u have?
Lisa Neyman
Lisa Neyman 7 muaj më parë
When did you get a "pretty big bite?"
Kris Draper
Kris Draper 7 muaj më parë
Not a fan of the guy in blue kicking the snake to make her return to her cage...
socialism IS 4 figs
socialism IS 4 figs 7 muaj më parë
Way to politically correct guys is used for everybody you cali duesche
Montgomery Paulon
Montgomery Paulon 7 muaj më parë
Could these get corona virus?
Hoàng Hôn Đà Lạt
Hoàng Hôn Đà Lạt 7 muaj më parë
Montgomery Paulon OOp -
Lilyy baabyyy
Lilyy baabyyy 7 muaj më parë
Here from Faze Rug’s channel 🤩🤩
Dakota Heitman
Dakota Heitman 7 muaj më parë
Nebraska fan here 🤘🔥❤
karin buff
karin buff 7 muaj më parë
Hey how ,Amy eggs did she have what a big snake
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 7 muaj më parë
That’s cool 😎 but I hate snakes
K T 7 muaj më parë
💀 Why I thought it was a pile of marshmallows from the thumbnail... My hungry behind 😂😂😂
nicole peck
nicole peck 7 muaj më parë
She's is beautiful
Geoff Selvey
Geoff Selvey 7 muaj më parë
More egg hatching videos 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
Reeses Pythons
Reeses Pythons 7 muaj më parë
Awesome!!!! Great Big Clutch
Evelyn Rojas
Evelyn Rojas 7 muaj më parë
I love how mellow she was, she wasn’t too happy about being touched but otherwise she was so wonderfully behaved. How many generations captive bred is she? And sorry, didn’t catch her name 😅💖 good beautiful mama
Mavcat 7 muaj më parë
How long does it take them to hatch?
donna taylor
donna taylor 7 muaj më parë
Gorgeous snake jay 👍👍👍 beautiful markings
Debbie Oakes
Debbie Oakes 7 muaj më parë
I'm guessing 52 eggs.
Janie Michelle
Janie Michelle 7 muaj më parë
How much do you charge for a ball python
Thella Adams
Thella Adams 7 muaj më parë
Thomas Kuhlenschmidt
Thomas Kuhlenschmidt 7 muaj më parë
Have you produced a solid white body retic with a black head
Sherry Smith
Sherry Smith 7 muaj më parë
There is 49
Alireza Hosseinmardi
Alireza Hosseinmardi 7 muaj më parë
we haven't seen a new video of your bigger snakes' hatches... those 200+ pound ones...
Rhonda North
Rhonda North 7 muaj më parë
Beautiful! I guessed 32 eggs.. Hope everyone hatches alive.
Kaycee Matthews
Kaycee Matthews 7 muaj më parë
אסף בר
אסף בר 7 muaj më parë
next time Cassowary?
Cindy Huot
Cindy Huot 7 muaj më parë
Hey Jay!! Next video can you show us the Panda Pieds you cut open in the video that was posted 2 days ago please?? They looked freaken awesome!!!
Irie Rogue
Irie Rogue 7 muaj më parë
That was a killer clutch of eggs, no slugs and the majority of them were stuck together. Can't wait to see them hatching!
Remember the 3rd of November
Remember the 3rd of November 7 muaj më parë
How about Lo-Pan for the unnamed asian water monitor. That was the sorcerer in the movie Big Trouble in Little China. (I just watched the video where Mark and Ethan visited you.)
Kelly's Serpents
Kelly's Serpents 7 muaj më parë
What type of substance you use in the egg box for incubation? Looks like pearlite or hatch-rite
JenJenAnimal&MusicLver 7 muaj më parë
I'm thinking 46
JenJenAnimal&MusicLver 7 muaj më parë
What a gorgeous placid momma
Juan Lucio
Juan Lucio 7 muaj më parë
He's says placid momma is pretty
ezio auditore
ezio auditore 7 muaj më parë
The belly on that guy is just exploding. How much can u eat man? Really?
julie-anne Mawdsley
julie-anne Mawdsley 7 muaj më parë
Amazing video and all you can do is perv at someone's belly?
Roblox Gamer
Roblox Gamer 7 muaj më parë
Jay how come u made a video the same time roi did?
gobblefunkfrothbungler 7 muaj më parë
Hows it feel to make a video with Mark and Ethan?
Sana Tiger
Sana Tiger 7 muaj më parë
Yeah I watched that video too
Jaydog1Party RE
Jaydog1Party RE 7 muaj më parë
@JayPrehistoricPets looking forward to seeing what Retics will be coming from this clutch of eggs in about three months!
Mai Ly
Mai Ly 7 muaj më parë
Pretty mama good job Jay and tim
James L
James L 7 muaj më parë
Hey jay when are we going to get a snake Update on previous clutches you pulled?
Grant McIntosh
Grant McIntosh 7 muaj më parë
Hopefully you get some more world's first! 👍
Eric Beeman
Eric Beeman 7 muaj më parë
I wonder if the stuff that sticks those eggs together is possibly the white of the egg seeping out through the skin of the egg sense you said its all yoke maybe when she lays the eggs the white comes out sticking them together
Jason Stender
Jason Stender 7 muaj më parë
There is no "white" on the inside coming out. The "glue" is on the egg when laid and when it dries it will adhere to the other eggs around it to prevent them from rolling. When you pull a clutch early enough, the "glue" won't be dry and the eggs pop apart with no issue.
Timothy Jadoobeer
Timothy Jadoobeer 7 muaj më parë
Snake eggs do not need heat to hatch
Jason Stender
Jason Stender 7 muaj më parë
Yes they do. I'm not certain with retic eggs, but ball pythons need about 88 degrees and very high humidity to hatch properly.
YodaAz58 7 muaj më parë
JAY- do you have a waiver or something on the export (restrictions)of Retic's from state to state?
Blue Line Morphs
Blue Line Morphs 7 muaj më parë
Yes!!!! The more I watch your channel the more I want to breed my Retic. I obviously started my ALpost journey because of my ball pythons but the more I’m around my Retic and the more I see your stuff... I think breeding these guys is in my future !
Bald Fury
Bald Fury 7 muaj më parë
Best i could find on “egg glue”. Its an amniotic fluid that in its make up makes them stick together.
Leah Blank
Leah Blank 7 muaj më parë
okay, Im no snake expert but I dont think you should be aking her away fro her eggs....
Jason Stender
Jason Stender 7 muaj më parë
We remove eggs to ensure they hatch properly. We incubate in a controlled environment for the best results. Nothing wrong with it and its healthier for the female.
Sapphira's mama
Sapphira's mama 7 muaj më parë
They incubate the eggs in the incubator. These guys are not the only one who removes the eggs to put them in the incubator. Ppl remove bird eggs, crocodile eggs, alligator eggs etc so that there is a higher chance that the babies inside survive. Also the mamas start feeding almost straight away and can recover from having a large clutch of eggs. If the eggs remained with mama it would be more than 2 months before they would eat again
Box Rec
Box Rec 7 muaj më parë
@Cheyenne Winters retics will stay with the eggs till they hatch the main reason Jay pulls the eggs is to help keep the female eating to help her recover from laying all of those eggs which in turn makes her able to lay more clutches every year its all about production lol
Cheyenne Winters
Cheyenne Winters 7 muaj më parë
Leah Blank once they’re gone they really don’t care like after he does remove them but the process of doing so will probably stress her out a little mainly because she just popped out like 30 eggs and no ones going to be happy about that
Leah Blank
Leah Blank 7 muaj më parë
@Cheyenne Winters Still, if the snake would've left them in the wild, she would care if he took them
Orietta Maltoni
Orietta Maltoni 7 muaj më parë
Jay the best!!! 🐍🐍🔝🔝🔝🔝
Paul the 2 mikolaj DuPont Sørensen
Paul the 2 mikolaj DuPont Sørensen 7 muaj më parë
Yo man don’t be stealing the snakes eggs. Lol. I’m surprised it didn’t try to attack you man.but other than that. Amazingly awesome fantastic video. Loved it
Paul the 2 mikolaj DuPont Sørensen
Paul the 2 mikolaj DuPont Sørensen 7 muaj më parë
John theux it would probably attack him
John theux
John theux 7 muaj më parë
Snakes are dumb as fuck. But I wonder how a wild snake would react.
Nannette Purcell
Nannette Purcell 7 muaj më parë
Please do a update on the panda babies
sourabh ponekar
sourabh ponekar 7 muaj më parë
wAS the bite because of lexi hensler?
Natilee parker
Natilee parker 7 muaj më parë
I love the snake
Nice video, just curious though, why would the snake stay relaxed when you are taking her away from the eggs she is supposed to be protecting?
Jason Stender
Jason Stender 7 muaj më parë
@UNUSUAL AQUARIUM ECOSYSTEMS nope, no eggs from garters. Boas give live birth too.
@Jason Stender Oh do you mean they don't lay eggs? Interesting, they'd be pretty small eggs if they did come to think of it!
Jason Stender
Jason Stender 7 muaj më parë
@UNUSUAL AQUARIUM ECOSYSTEMS did you know that garters give live birth? The whole species is pretty cool to work with. I want to get some California red sided garters.
@Jason Stender Interesting, I used to have a Common Garter Snake, it started off the size of a pencil and ended up 4 feet long! It escaped a few ties and knocked glasses off a shelving cabinet lol
Jason Stender
Jason Stender 7 muaj më parë
Some snakes are docile enough that they won't show aggression during the removal process. Females that have been bred multiple times can sometimes calm down. Snakes from several generations of captive breeding are usually pretty calm too.
Ngurah Putra
Ngurah Putra 7 muaj më parë
Natilee parker
Natilee parker 7 muaj më parë
I love the snake
Natilee parker
Natilee parker 7 muaj më parë
Yes she is
чикист чекистов
чикист чекистов 7 muaj më parë
Dominic Eyrich
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