Somethings Fishy Behind the Scenes at Prehistoric

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Every day is a different day here at Prehistoric and today it's definitely different with no reptiles in sight, but we've still got monster creatures they just live underwater! Who else there loves fish? Have you been to our facility and fed the turtles and fish? It's a classic experience and these beauties will make a great addition!
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Prehistoric Pets is a one-of-a-kind pet store specializing in exotic pets, such as snakes, lizards, turtles, and even gators! Staffed by reptile enthusiasts, you’ll find everything you need for your reptile or amphibian.
The goal of the Prehistoric Pets channel is to encourage and train the community on the proper care and keeping of reptiles as pets. We focus on the education of reptiles so owners and hobbyists alike can foster an enjoyable experience and optimum animal health.

Jessica Mccoy
Jessica Mccoy 4 muaj më parë
It’s a stab
C Lopez
C Lopez 7 muaj më parë
He should have said "What the fish is 20years old, so you must have got it when you were 5?" then the beautiful woman would have fallen in love with him.
John Gamesby
John Gamesby 7 muaj më parë
Best laugh I've had in years, The misadventures of Huey, Dewy and Luey.
Irie Daze
Irie Daze 7 muaj më parë
That’s one nice backyard!
IGame 9 muaj më parë
Awesome Kevin's there !
Marqes Burton
Marqes Burton 9 muaj më parë
Bro this is like the avengers of wildlife experts
Alpian Noor
Alpian Noor 9 muaj më parë
Thats ikan patin bro 🤣
Awake and Angry Tv
Awake and Angry Tv 9 muaj më parë
J How come your fish experts weren’t doing $h/t!!
Guðbjörg Gísladóttir
Guðbjörg Gísladóttir 10 muaj më parë
Jay, you should go and have your hearing checked; you always talk so load and you did not hear what the others said...
Cherri Manuel
Cherri Manuel 9 muaj më parë
That is rode
yyacobb 10 muaj më parë
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heather landskron
heather landskron 10 muaj më parë
Great video and great job Jay , Wild Charles ❤️💚 and Kevin.!!! Hi Jay.!!! Have a good day and afternoon. I hope all is well.
NAVIIRYS PLAYS 10 muaj më parë
8:23 ehhh that phone
robin hansler
robin hansler 10 muaj më parë
This jay is a. Racist.....please unsubscribe from this channel
maor elbaz
maor elbaz 10 muaj më parë
How can this fish live in a pond in California The water gets 2 cold in the winter Is the pond heated ?
sdq sdq
sdq sdq 10 muaj më parë
funny you say that, that siamese tiger is a gold mine
Rebel 3600
Rebel 3600 10 muaj më parë
thia guy who carrie the fish , is more thinking about great vidoe and picture , , then about the fish , , shame
Steve Lender
Steve Lender 10 muaj më parë
Jay is the man
Kenzie Bellin
Kenzie Bellin 10 muaj më parë
As he was carrying that last catfish my dog made that exact noise
Twinny Ate
Twinny Ate 10 muaj më parë
Oh, wow! J's right!! I literally sat and thought of what women have told me, and compared that with the truth! Yeah, u can pretty much double whatever a women says!^^
Twinny Ate
Twinny Ate 10 muaj më parë
That, Texas, whatever fish reminded me of blue gills, flat and shape I guess. Actually got a bit hungry looking at it...^^
Jenny Tillery
Jenny Tillery 10 muaj më parë
Great video! From what little I know about catfish, they all croak when out of the water. Even lil ol channel cat from the Chattahoochie River croak, but that last cat you pulled out was louder than a bull frog, "katydid" and free frog combined!
William Spalding
William Spalding 10 muaj më parë
I saw the red tails I was like click video
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 10 muaj më parë
Love it 😍
Duyvenbode USV
Duyvenbode USV 10 muaj më parë
Right off the start- Wow! What a Datnoid! And that Texas is a HUGE WOW! A whole pond of monster fish. Craziest video ever on your channel...
Scott Kline
Scott Kline 10 muaj më parë
His Brother is Preditory Fins...
Amy Hickey
Amy Hickey 10 muaj më parë
Kevin!! Awesome guy!
Jaydog1Party RE
Jaydog1Party RE 10 muaj më parë
Hi @JayPrehistoricPets it’s Jaydog! I’m sure that you had a great time with @Wild Charles Have a great time & be safe!
gym_shark918 On instagram
gym_shark918 On instagram 10 muaj më parë
Its crazy how a small fish freaks Jay out and makes him nervous more than a giant reptile like a monitor or python
Tina Watson
Tina Watson 10 muaj më parë
WOW, I have never seen fish that big!!! Did this lady up and say " hey want some monsters, they are too big for my pond?? All I can say is wow !!!
Dee Krebs
Dee Krebs 10 muaj më parë
@JayPrehistoricPets Definitely bigger than a few of my dogs!!
Sergio Gmez
Sergio Gmez 10 muaj më parë
You’re amazing 😮👍
Jess H
Jess H 10 muaj më parë
Don’t pull on his nostril tissue! I think that helps him sense where things are.
Live_fast94 Renzo
Live_fast94 Renzo 10 muaj më parë
Jess H specialist he said
Sharron Miller
Sharron Miller 10 muaj më parë
Sharron Miller
Sharron Miller 10 muaj më parë
Where are you going to put them? 😊
A. Creel-Starr
A. Creel-Starr 10 muaj më parë
Theres nothing in the nostrils. That's normal it's just what they look like. Also that carpentis cichlid isnt a Texas cichlid it's a lowland or pearl scale cichlid.
Jody Boatright
Jody Boatright 10 muaj më parë
That was Awesome!! 😍😀
ʟᴜᴄɪꜰᴇʀツ 10 muaj më parë
When you're a catfish and starts barking like a dog😐
Karmen Kerman
Karmen Kerman 10 muaj më parë
Lisa Adolf
Lisa Adolf 10 muaj më parë
Gorgeous fish! Was this a rescue from someone's backyard pond? Great work, in any event!🐟
Mike K
Mike K 10 muaj më parë
@JayPrehistoricPets great video Jay......glad you could help the family out....that pond of there's is a dream of mine!
Tanika Parks
Tanika Parks 10 muaj më parë
😻 🐟 I love it
susanna81000 10 muaj më parë
Nice catch!
Taevian's World of Reptiles!
Taevian's World of Reptiles! 10 muaj më parë
Woah this was different! Huuuuge fish!!! Definitely going be a fun attraction in the zoo!
ed h
ed h 10 muaj më parë
Come on guys--ZERO stress??? I'm stressed
Brandon Marsh
Brandon Marsh 10 muaj më parë
You have such a variety of content Jay i really enjoy seeing all the things you get into! That passion really encourages me. I enjoy new construction plumbing but my heart belongs to animals and im chasing that dream
Cyndy 10 muaj më parë
I swear Kevin sounds exactly like Rod.
Chad W4
Chad W4 10 muaj më parë
I have a snake tank its big i dont know what snake to put in it though
Jellyondone 10 muaj më parë
Mmm catfish
Beverly Marlowe
Beverly Marlowe 10 muaj më parë
You are getting so wet. Maybe you should have worn swimming trunks. Lol
Angel Smith
Angel Smith 10 muaj më parë
"Come on guys get over here....come on guys get with it"
GamingLazyKid 9 muaj më parë
@JayPrehistoricPets the best
Soxfan jr
Soxfan jr 10 muaj më parë
Second comment
Beverly Marlowe
Beverly Marlowe 10 muaj më parë
Can’t wait.
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