How Lucky Can This Guy Get?

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It takes a lot more than luck not to get tagged by this big girl, because if it did Jay would have to be the luckiest guy on the planet! Instead it takes decades of experience working with giant Reticulated Pythons in his reptile collection and a passion for protecting their offspring through precise incubation.

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GAMER GIRL 5 muaj më parë
Omg that’s so scary
Brad Ettinger
Brad Ettinger 6 muaj më parë
Like this one to what's kind reticulated python the gold
She Who Hates Everyone
She Who Hates Everyone 7 muaj më parë
I would totally do this. Sweet mama nope rope 😍😍
G Taipan
G Taipan 8 muaj më parë
It is probably best not to underestimate how aggressive these giant snakes are
darryl swag
darryl swag 8 muaj më parë
He wilding the white man that is.
James Hutchins
James Hutchins 8 muaj më parë
I know this sounds crazy but i think she is absolutely gorgeous and adorable.
NOBODY : 8 muaj më parë
He's just teasing the animal that's wrong!!
Jimmy Supafly
Jimmy Supafly 8 muaj më parë
She's not a bear she's a snake. He's teaching them all wrong. Kid yells out 69 lol .
Rian Sopian
Rian Sopian 8 muaj më parë
Jir gede pisan
Timothy Wah
Timothy Wah 8 muaj më parë
I like how you talk with kids. Big respect.. stay safe 👍🏼
charlie good
charlie good 9 muaj më parë
I would come and do what your doing cause I love snakes
Fosta Boy
Fosta Boy 9 muaj më parë
The Honey Badger can take it
ARMY MAN 9 muaj më parë
That's a pretty snake...
Larry Norem
Larry Norem 9 muaj më parë
cetin Amsterdam
cetin Amsterdam 9 muaj më parë
they belong in nature, not in a box🖕🏼
D Ddd
D Ddd 9 muaj më parë
Did you tell all the kids that those snakes have completely killed everything in the Everglades of Florida !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????
Ez G
Ez G 9 muaj më parë
My "snake" got all the girls pregnant in Florida!
Lïfê īß Løõkîñg üp
Lïfê īß Løõkîñg üp 9 muaj më parë
wow he no pro at keeping snakes away from kids
Kerry Bickham
Kerry Bickham 9 muaj më parë
How long was this snake ??
Shre Hari
Shre Hari 9 muaj më parë
I'm from rug family
jeffmack57 9 muaj më parë
This is why there is a problem in the Everglades
Nigel Guest
Nigel Guest 9 muaj më parë
I wanted to see the python get him. That was no fun.
Lukas Antonio
Lukas Antonio 9 muaj më parë
aja coragem para ficar tão perto assim
B K 10 muaj më parë
Well damn! Waited until the end and he didn't even tell us how many eggs
Mucuk AFFA
Mucuk AFFA 10 muaj më parë
WelcomeToTheJungle 10 muaj më parë
Absolutely Gorgeous Retic
Kamal Sungar
Kamal Sungar 10 muaj më parë
Ninja fortnite
Ninja fortnite 10 muaj më parë
This kids went on a trip poor ugly kids
Italo De Angelis
Italo De Angelis 10 muaj më parë
Torture animal form Show no good.
Abigail Mejia
Abigail Mejia 10 muaj më parë
I saw ur tictoc
Mikzy _
Mikzy _ 10 muaj më parë
dark side
dark side 10 muaj më parë
I seen a snake like that in the woods
Cindra Abbott
Cindra Abbott 10 muaj më parë
Trevor Gatrell
Trevor Gatrell 10 muaj më parë
Mama’s like, “stay away from my babies”!
3Triple MMX
3Triple MMX 10 muaj më parë
How much does he get for being foolishly brave 😶😶
Ravshan Sattorov
Ravshan Sattorov 10 muaj më parë
О зангари морбозе 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Rajat Sharma
Rajat Sharma 10 muaj më parë
Why is he bothering a mom snake protecting her eggs
Axil 10 muaj më parë
Rajat Sharma You should probably turn the audio on when you watch a video.
michael adams
michael adams 10 muaj më parë
oba gaming king
oba gaming king 10 muaj më parë
that boy is dom😂😂
oba gaming king
oba gaming king 10 muaj më parë
your lucky😦
Garry Blandford
Garry Blandford 10 muaj më parë
6stringgunner 10 muaj më parë
I thought I was watching a new episode of King of Queens! Ha ha ha!!!
Michaela Gamma
Michaela Gamma 11 muaj më parë
I wonder if he’s ever been bit
The Destroyer
The Destroyer 10 muaj më parë
Probably alot
Kurt Eiman
Kurt Eiman 11 muaj më parë
Nice video. Never knew pythons lay so much eggs. No wonder there's so much pythons in the Florida everglades
freemeorGAMEOVER UniversalLAWoutranks
freemeorGAMEOVER UniversalLAWoutranks 11 muaj më parë
She's protecting her young. The bible says one day,snakes will enter your house,coming from toilets,sinks,and every nic and cranny.
Holy CowGirl Paranormal
Holy CowGirl Paranormal 11 muaj më parë
I was wondering if you are still recording the snakes still. I'm not getting any notifications.
Writer 11 muaj më parë
You sould listen GET LUCKY by Daft Punk
susan lee
susan lee 11 muaj më parë
Here from jaydawg video and shoutout. Oh my she dont want her babies touched. God bless her. Awesome video. God bless from Maine here. Hope to see you later
Liquid Ocelot
Liquid Ocelot 11 muaj më parë
This is more exciting than watching hollywood horror films
Pascal Huot
Pascal Huot 11 muaj më parë
Everybody is gangsta until a kid gets bit
Rosemarie Serrano
Rosemarie Serrano 11 muaj më parë
I think it's kind of stupid to be so close to such a powerful animal,you should keep your distance or She will attack and you don't want that...............she got the power to take away your whole head if she wants to.
perth45 11 muaj më parë
so fucking cruel...fucking idiot....
tiote 2020
tiote 2020 11 muaj më parë
HELL NO...from the moment she poked her head out u can tell she was pissed
Linda Forrester
Linda Forrester 11 muaj më parë
That poor snake shes only protecting her. Babies just leave her alone if she bites shame on you she's only caring for the babies
Mr J Random
Mr J Random 11 muaj më parë
Shut the fuck up Linda.
Fb sg
Fb sg 11 muaj më parë
You must be new
LegendsBetta 11 muaj më parë
Here From Faze Rug
Abg Adi
Abg Adi 11 muaj më parë
Good reptile and zoo
NK VLOGS 11 muaj më parë
Tran lon thay
CHARLES WILLIAMS 11 muaj më parë
dude: hmmmmmmm a snake, perfect for a youtube video! Snake: B*tch no! next day the dude is ded
Silje Desir Høvik Holmvik
Silje Desir Høvik Holmvik 11 muaj më parë
Where do u have the male’s?
TrustianKillz09 11 muaj më parë
Anybody else thought that was Q from impractical Jokers? 😎 @trutv
raja Qasim
raja Qasim 11 muaj më parë
Fuck you joking
Marcus D
Marcus D 11 muaj më parë
Salvador Nunez
Salvador Nunez 11 muaj më parë
l see prisoners in cages -slaves. Use that hook on you and stick you in an enclosure for life.
Marie Moore
Marie Moore 11 muaj më parë
That snake was absolutely beautiful. 🤩
SS AA 11 muaj më parë
🇦🇺👎🏾 what a dumb ass of a keeper just leave the snake in piece stop waving and being all over the snake
Antonio Nunes
Antonio Nunes 11 muaj më parë
Do NOT stress the Animal,Bitch!! Fuck you!!! Leave the Snake alone!!
Aleaha Leaha
Aleaha Leaha 11 muaj më parë
What kind of snake?!?
Alex Shaw
Alex Shaw 11 muaj më parë
Eww snakes florida already has a problem like dude their a menace why put sm effort to save them theres loads
Wolverine 555
Wolverine 555 11 muaj më parë
I came to know about this epic channel pretty recently through blakes channel. Sir please be careful
Game The System
Game The System 11 muaj më parë
Didn't know that Jimmy Kimmel is a snake Wrangler.
zakariyya Nuruddeen
zakariyya Nuruddeen 11 muaj më parë
Dangerous Animal SNAKE
Nick Joslin
Nick Joslin 11 muaj më parë
Is genetic stripe her only gene?
Moun33 11 muaj më parë
Damn ! How long is this snake ?
Himanshu Rai
Himanshu Rai 11 muaj më parë
Yellow snake at the back looks like the one from Kung Fu Panda!!!!
Connor Bond
Connor Bond 11 muaj më parë
I don't think he's just lucky, I think he's crazy
Connor Bond
Connor Bond 11 muaj më parë
@Davida Majako they must be very desperate for money then
Davida Majako
Davida Majako 11 muaj më parë
Thats what ppl do when they need money.
Bartolo Rojas Valerio
Bartolo Rojas Valerio 11 muaj më parë
Omg i watch your tick tock
Steve Corner
Steve Corner 11 muaj më parë
Snake lover or is it all about the money?
Lee West
Lee West 11 muaj më parë
WTF!!! How many eggs were there? Tell me now!!
JONNY __ 11 muaj më parë
He annoying....ugh
Leonard Orji Offor
Leonard Orji Offor 11 muaj më parë
At the end he got harm by the snake
Chris Harway
Chris Harway 11 muaj më parë
Remembers me Steve Irwin. R.i.p He is like him,could be the father😅
Deborah Steele
Deborah Steele 11 muaj më parë
Ümit Şahin
Ümit Şahin 11 muaj më parë
Türkiye 'den selamlar
D. D.
D. D. 11 muaj më parë
Wow. Better than me
FADED '03 11 muaj më parë
Did my mans just say "16" eggs when it's literally a mountain of eggs.
Chip Diamond
Chip Diamond 11 muaj më parë
"my mans" smh stfu..u probably also say "ayee its lit"...fckn cookie cutter sheep followers.
Davida Majako
Davida Majako 11 muaj më parë
Are you that small? Goddamn...
Rocky Easterline
Rocky Easterline 11 muaj më parë
You never did say how many eggs I say 29
Valencia Sanchez
Valencia Sanchez 11 muaj më parë
That’s a dinosaur
Snugs 11 muaj më parë
frostdragon64 11 muaj më parë
Yay! More giant snakes in small ass enclosures. Always love to see it. Breeders love the basic care route.
Ace Ventura
Ace Ventura 11 muaj më parë
TD sent me here, baw
Brian Banda
Brian Banda 11 muaj më parë
I am also protective of my eggs
p3arljam26 11 muaj më parë
Its only a matter of time.
Chaos ps
Chaos ps 11 muaj më parë
Fucking clown.....
Tau ji
Tau ji 11 muaj më parë
That's a nasty thing to do. She is incubating on an empty stomach for 3 months
KarasuItonami 11 muaj më parë
Click bait. Totally thought this was Q from Impractical Jokers lol
Aaden Husband
Aaden Husband 11 muaj më parë
So true
John Boona
John Boona 11 muaj më parë
The guy looks like Jimmy Kimmel actually.
KarasuItonami 11 muaj më parë
I still watched the vid to see how fake Q handled the snake lol
sam you ell
sam you ell 11 muaj më parë
Lmao same. Hope people don't take you seriously about the "click bait" part.
ghosn habib
ghosn habib 11 muaj më parë
literarly what i was thinking
Hayyan 11 muaj më parë
Starts from 1:14
Roman Morris
Roman Morris 11 muaj më parë
He better go check on his buddy back there with the snake!
Tucker 11 muaj më parë
000000000 11 muaj më parë
Atlast is beter than antivaxx parent
crazy Indian
crazy Indian 11 muaj më parë
I think he has balls as big as those eggs..😀😀🤣🤣🤣
Sin Saber
Sin Saber 11 muaj më parë
And this man is a professional?! He isn't even being careful with the eggs! Squeezing them, letting people touch them, and even tossing one! Not to mention how he was aggravating the mother before the transfer! This enter video is a show of the lack of training and complete disregard for actual professionalism that it takes to care for these creatures.
Semper Occultus
Semper Occultus 11 muaj më parë
hi.for my opinion this guy ,skill or not skill, is no good learning for who watch.sorry, if you try to touch any pet , from mother ever ever mother bite you of kill. bear tiger cat dog.....i dont understand the motivation for this video. the snake is undrestressed for protect the eggs. really i dont know. bye.
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